When do you know you’re ready to welcome a dog into your life?

Or for a couple of us Rockabye Baby team members . . .

When do you know you’re ready to welcome a dog back into your life?


Our VP and Creative Director, Lisa Roth, is contemplating that now . . .

First-Time Mommy’s dog of 15 years, Pogi, sadly passed away during her second trimester, and she waited until her daughter was 2 before welcoming a new furry friend (that’s 5-month-old Charcoal above) into their family last month to join their cat, Cricket, and parakeet, Echo (as in Echo Park). “Having a child didn’t change the feeling that our home just wasn’t the same without a dog. What’s one more set of poop to clean up, right?”

And here are two more lovable four-legged friends in the Rockabye family: Zara belongs to Kyle in our sales department and Penne belongs to Chrissy, our web designer.


So, the question again is Dog . . . or Not? Or would you recommend a different animal?

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Animal Talk


We Will, We Will Rock You (to Sleep)


What to Do with Those Pouch Caps

Ask anyone who has ever done it, preschool drop-offs can suck.

It’s hard to say goodbye, but it’s horrible when you have a sobbing toddler clinging to your leg and you haven’t even had a coffee yet. What a way to start a workday.

Oh, the drama! The tears (hers). The guilt (mine).

At my kids’ school they have an interesting technique during drop-off: Give your kid a kiss or a hug and then the kid gives you a push to help get you out the door. 


It turns saying goodbye into a bit of a game — are you going to give me a big push, a small push, a giant push? And it gives the child a sense of control instead of feeling as if they have no say in the matter.

Plus, they get to push someone, which is usually forbidden. So that’s fun. 

And most importantly, it works. The push-off has saved me on those bleary-eyed, running-late mornings when it seems nothing else can impel my kids to leave my side. Turn it into a game and they are happy to say goodbye — even getting their pals into the act. I’ve been pushed out the preschool gate by packs of children — it’s like being in a tiny mosh pit.

And it doesn’t just work at school. It’s easier for me to get out of the house with babysitters, easier to drop them at friends — the push-off has made goodbyes less grueling, period. And it’s not really a push off at all; it’s more like a launch — my kids taking off to conquer the world without me for a while.

How do you say goodbye?

Share your rocking parent tips in the comments and you may see it in a future post.


Music Madness: Rock ’n’ Roll Preschool


76 Trombones in the School Orchestra


Too Cool for School

What’s your favorite way to use your Rockabye Baby CDs? Playing softly in the background during your little one’s naptime . . . to cool down a toddler tantrum . . . to rock your baby back to sleep at 3 a.m.?

alternativeuses-fb (3)

Sure, our CDs are great at coo’ing babies big and small to slumber, but there are many alternative uses for Rockabye Baby CDs​. Like…


As a fan


As a coaster


For a doorstop

Door Stop

The possibilities are endless, really! What alternative uses do you have for your Rockabye Baby CDs?

Share with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and you could see your pictures shared!

And check out all our must-have 2014 releases that include more than just a CD! Surprises await inside beyond the many things you now know you can do with the CD.


 Buy Good Baby, Bad Baby now! 


This Art Deco building was the location for one of the Beastie Boys’ most famous videos.


Can you guess which video it was?


Los Feliz Manor, Los Angeles

Built in 1924


We’ll reveal the answer next week. Meanwhile, visit the band’s YouTube channel to check out all their memorable videos.


Need a baby-friendly treatment of Beastie Boys? We’ve got a lullaby version of “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” that rocks gently.


Adam Levine is a bona fide rock star.

He fronts the Grammy Award–winning pop rock group Maroon 5, he’s a judge on NBC’s hit singing competition series The Voice, he recently tied the knot . . . the list goes on and on.

You knew most of that already though, right? Maybe the more important question here is what don’t you know about Adam Levine?


To celebrate the release of our upcoming album Lullaby Renditions of Maroon 5, we dug a little deeper to uncover the lesser-known facts about Adam Levine.

1. He’s ambidextrous. He writes with his left hand but plays guitar with his right.

(image via Tumblr)

2. His first band, Kara’s Flowers, appeared in an episode of Beverly Hills, 90210. Can you recognize him?

3. Adam’s no frequent flyer. Whenever the band hits the road nationally, they stay grounded on biodiesel-powered buses.

4. Levine is still good friends with his high school buddies: actors Jason Segel, Jake Gyllenhaal and Jonah Hill (who just so happened to officiate Levine’s recent nuptials).

5. He’s a self-proclaimed “car junkie.” With a garage full of classics including a Ferrari and Porsche, we’d say his proclamation is spot on.

6. His dad is best friends with Jonah Hill’s dad. Isn’t that sweet?

7. Adam’s got mad guitar skills. Just check out this video of him rocking out a mean “Purple Rain” solo at Howard Stern’s birthday party.



Order your copy of Lullaby Renditions of Maroon 5 today!

Buy Now! 

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We’re feeling nostalgic for the nineties. Can you tell whom Ms. Rockabye is channeling?



If you can, we’re proposing not waiting until the weekend for movie night, and renting that 1995 movie that celebrates the indie spirit, has a great soundtrack—and received one star on Rotten Tomatoes.

But you know what we say to that…

Damn the man    (fill in the blank)  !

Can you guess what movie is on our mind? Check out our other Rockabye Baby Movie Night picks below.


Today’s the big reveal of our latest arrival!

And we’re going to make you work just a little to find out who’s getting “Rockabye’d” next. But who doesn’t love a good challenge, right?

Complete the puzzle below to see if your guess is right!

How long did it take you to complete?

Post your time below by 8 pm PST tonight to be entered into a random drawing to win a copy of the album (but please don’t post the band’s name — let others solve the puzzle for themselves!).

Do tell us if you’re excited about what’s coming by sharing the news on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with #RockabyeNewArrival. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get a Rockabye Baby surprise in the future.

We’ll officially announce who’s getting the Rockabye treatment tomorrow at 12 PM PST!

Giveaway closed! Congrats to our winner Heather D. 

Who or what inspired your name?

Thanks to everyone who entered our recent Story Behind Your Name contest. We enjoyed learning the stories about how many of you got your name. They ranged from being inspired by family heroes or historical figures to just being something “pretty.”



And there was one story we just had to share, because, you’ll want to add these two names to your list if you’re expecting . . . they’re as musical as they come:

From RB fan Randy:

Our son’s name is Halen, as in Eddie Van . . . the name came to us at a Van Halen concert in 2007 . . . my wife and I were there with a friend, a huge Bob Dylan fan, who recently found out that they were having a boy . . .

We were teasing him that their baby’s name would be Dylan . . . that got us talking about cool rock-and-roll baby names. . . as a joke, someone said “Halen” . . . it actually sounded awesome, so that was the name we chose when our son was born 3 yrs later.

We are now expecting a little girl in September, and her name will be Hannah, after Kathleen Hanna from Bikini Kill.

Congrats to your family, Randy! And to your future rockers. Need more name inspiration? Perhaps you’ll find the perfect name in our catalog.


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What’s the most thoughtful gift ever? Music.

cookies1-fb (2)


So the team at Rockabye Baby HQ put together a playlist to celebrate Ms. Rockabye’s birthday today. Each RB Team Member contributed one song to let her know she rocks.

Listen to our “Happy Birthday, Ms. Rockabye” playlist below!

And feel free to post your own greetings below.

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Time to crank up the quiet! We have another new arrival on the way. Is it the one you’ve been waiting for?


 Will Argee from the Rockabye Baby Art Department figure it out?!

Listen to this mystery track from our forthcoming album and guess the name of the artist and song.

Send your song and artist guess to giveaway@nullrockabyebabymusic.com by Wednesday, August 13, 8 pm PST and you could be one of five (5) lucky fans to win an advance copy of our upcoming release!

Click on the Like or Share Facebook buttons below to get your friends and family in on the fun! Winners will be announced Friday, August 15.