DIY Colored Yogurt Pops

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Your little ones picky eaters? They can’t quite come to grips with how delicious healthy snacks are? While we’re all for turning finger foods into song title adaptations, we feel your pain. That’s why this simple Greek yogurt pop DIY is everything you need to entice your kiddos. You can make this lots of ways, but our preferred method involves a few specifics: animal ice cube molds, fun colors, and swirls…

Yogurt Pops 2


If you’d like, use a popsicle stick for less messy handling.

Yogurt Pops 3


Plain Greek yogurt

Food coloring

Popsicle sticks (optional)

Ice cube trays (or animal molds!)

Yogurt Pops


Add a drop of food coloring for every few scoops of yogurt. Mix slightly if you want a swirl or completely mix if you want solid colors. Repeat with different colors. Add to ice cube molds and freeze. You can either add the sticks in once they’re solid enough, or carefully after they’re already completely frozen. These are also great when us parental units want a sweet treat without going full on ice cream.



Easter Peep Cookies with Alcohol

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Why should all the desserts we make be for our little ones. They can have their chocolate bunnies and jelly beans and we can have our own tasty Easter dessert.

If you’re planning on making a batch of holiday-inspired cookies, save some for yourself and infuse the frosting with a sweet liqueur. Yes, we’re talking about adult Easter cookies. Sure they won’t get you buzzed, but they’ll be something you can claim as your own (and once you have kids, you know very little is ever your own again). Just don’t mix up these babies up with the cookies you make for the kiddos.

Easter Cookies with Alcohol

Peeps Cookies 1




3/4 cup flour

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

1/4 cup unsalted butter, melted

1/4 cup sugar

1 egg

1/2 teaspoon vanilla


1/2 tablespoon of milk

1 1/2 cups of confectioned sugar

2 tablespoons of Frangelico or Grand Marnier

4 drops of yellow food coloring


1. Combine all dry ingredients together.

2. Slowly mix in egg, melted butter and vanilla.

3. Once combined, place dough on a piece of parchment paper, dusted with flour to prevent sticking. Then roll the dough out until about a quarter of an inch thick. Using your bird or bunny cutter, began making cookies.

4. Place all cookies on a baking sheet and cook for 5-7 minutes. Let cookies cool down completely.

5. To make the icing stir milk and alcohol into confectioned sugar. Frangelico will give your cookies a hazelnut flavor, while Grand Marnier a little bit of citrus.

6. Slowly drizzle the icing over each cookie. The icing will drip so keep away from the edges. As it sits, the icing will spread out.

7. Add little dot eyes with a store bought icing tube.

8. Let sit until icing is firm and enjoy!


DIY Easter Egg Music Shaker

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Easter is right around the corner. In the weeks prior we plan the most festive ways to celebrate the holiday. There’s typically sweets (we’ll share a special recipe for all you parents soon) and there are decorations. We’ve seen some impressive painted eggs (shared on our Pinterest), but let’s be real, when you’re busy with little ones, they rarely turn out as fabulous and otherworldly.

Easter Egg Shakers 2



So we settle for our favorite type of DIY, the simple kind!

And we’ve got just the one for an easy, attention-holding shaker. These 3 Easter egg shaker combinations will keep the house rocking long after the Easter Bunny disappears. Plus, they’re made in a way that your littlest musician can play along without risk of getting bonked on the head.

Here’s what you need…


3 plastic eggs -This season the pre-decorated variety are plentiful. You could mix and match solid eggs, or toss in a patterned number to spice things up.

Corn kernels, Lentil beans and Rice – Each egg will have its own unique sound. Kernels will be loudest and rice the softest when shaken.

Ribbon or leather rope

Super glue or Washi Tape



1. Using one side of the scissors, spin in a hole at each end of plastic egg to widen the hole for insertion of leather.

2. Weave leather through the top and bottom of the egg. The loose ends should now be hanging inside of the egg.

3. Fill each egg with a few tablespoons of the dried beans and grains.

4. Tie loose ends of leather into a knot, leaving only enough slack in the leather on the outside to place your child’s hand through. This will allow you to hide the loose ends inside the egg. If you’re using ribbon, you can dress up the shaker more by weaving the loose ends on the outside of the egg and tying into a bow.

5. Now line the the inner rim of the bottom half of the egg with glue and click egg together. Or, if using tape, you can allow your little one to put the egg together and place tape all the way around the edge where both halves connect.

Like we said, super simple. Now it’s time to put on the tunes (Hello, Maroon 5), and let your little one play along with shaker in tow.


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