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March 25, 1983.

Do you remember what you were doing on this day? Or were you just born?

This, also happened…

Moonwalk starts at 3:38

Michael Jackson wowed audiences on national television during the Motown 25th Anniversary Special when he moonwalked across the stage to “Billie Jean” and into the hearts of millions of fans on national television and introduced it to the country. And the dance move took hold across the world. Moving backward had never been so cool.


Listen to lullaby renditions of the King of Pop’s greatest hits!

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Yeah, when you’re a parent, you’re going to end up at playgrounds a lot: for parties, for playdates, for the “must tire kids out so they go down for a nap” moments in your life. For years I used to review city nightlife and cover restaurant openings for a popular men’s lifestyle site. Now what thrills me isn’t a new cocktail or interviewing the latest celebrity chef, but seeing the newest playground equipment people dream up these days. (BTW, the slides these days look nothing like the ones I flew down — probably at dangerous speeds — when I was a kid, and what’s with the ban on merry-go-rounds?)

But I’m such a neighborhood snob (aka too lazy to drive) that I rarely venture out of my own area, so I’ve admittedly denied my own daughter the potentially magical playgrounds beyond Los Feliz. Besides, with Griffith Park, one of the largest urban parks in the country, at my doorstep, why leave? Here’s why: just that small change in your routine can revive your own curiosity and desire for adventure, even if it’s just visiting the next city over.



One Sunday I went to meet my friend B and her family for a playdate at Brace Canyon Park in Burbank, California, where, indeed, the mom in me had that “wow, what a playground” response to what this hilly park in the middle of suburbia had to offer: outdoor musical instruments. It’s an awesome sound garden.

In an age where budget cuts mean less kids are being exposed to music education or a variety instruments, along with the benefits associated with such instruction, bringing instruments into the playground was a more than welcomed sight. And they are really instruments for all, not just kids.

Companies like Freenotes Harmony Products are inspiring the budding musicians in all of us to make beautiful noise at public parks. And don’t they sound very Rockabye Baby-esque?


Here’s to keeping music education in our schools.

See how to make your own homemade musical instruments to share with your kids/future rock stars.


DIY Egg Shaker


DIY Flute


Homemade Guitar

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Once you have a kid you realize every random person you meet on the street has an idea about how you should raise your new baby. My husband’s favorite was people who would say, “That baby isn’t happy,” or “Your baby is crying,” when our daughter was crying. “Really?” he’d ask stone-faced and then work hard to squash his desire to punch the interloper in the face.


You also realize how much bad parenting advice there is out there: Have you tried local honey? A woman at the farmer’s market asked me in regards to my infant’s cough. Honey, lemme tell you something about honey: it shouldn’t be given to a child until they are one year old or you might have an allergic reaction. She’ll sleep through the night better if you give her cereal in her milk. No, but she might just develop celiac disease, thanks. And half my Southern family tried to get me to rub down the 4-month-old’s gums with bourbon when she started teething. No thanks, but I’ll be happy to slug down some myself.


Whether it’s good or bad, parenting advice is as susceptible to trends as blue jeans. Some years it’s skinny (cry it out!); some years flares (don’t ever let them cry!); but most of the time you are okay if you just wear straight-leg 501s (sometimes babies cry).

Reading through one of my mother-in-law’s baby books, I found a chart detailing how much orange juice to give an infant each day. Yes, OJ for infants. Try finding a pediatrician to back that today. Might as well offer the baby a Snickers bar.

In just two short years—the amount of time between my two kids—so much of what I did for the first baby was proved wrong. When we started feeding her solids, I limited it to one new food a week, waiting till she was a year old to give her citrus, eggs, nuts—all per doctor’s orders. Each food was pureed down to a paste, which I carefully spooned to her eager mouth. By baby #2, the advice was to let her eat whatever she wants, except for honey, and don’t puree it. If she can bring it to her mouth, she can probably figure out a way to chew it and get it down. Seriously?


Sleep, potty training, even sunscreen—I worked so hard to get all the “right” info so I could do it correctly with my first kid, and then, there I was two years later with parenting advice that was so outdated it was like wearing last season’s jeans. I might as well have just given my new baby the two teaspoons of OJ the 1956 chart suggested.

So when it comes to parenting and jeans, I’m here to tell you this: trust your instincts. Today’s stone wash is yesterday’s two-tone. Stay open to change, but stick to what you know to be true: boyfriend jeans are always comfortable (babies love to be held) and blinged-out pockets are always bad (don’t give the infant a Snickers bar). 

Give infants this… modern parent-approved!


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Family vacation.

Those two words can mean many, many things to different people. And with Spring Break upon us, you’re either bracing for or crazy excited about yours.

What was your most memorable family vacation?


Sand-tastic Cousins

There’s the National Lampoon’s version that is essentially the nightmare trip that only gets worse, or on a lesser scale, your parents only embarrass you half of the time in public, your whole family gets caught in some storm and has to sleep in an airport terminal overnight and/or the airline only loses your luggage versus the rest of the family’s. (Happened to you, too?) And you’d definitely need to recover from that kind of vacation you wish you never took.

Then there’s the other end of the spectrum when you have such an amazing time on your family vacation, so incredible, in fact, it’s like those commercials that feature that ridiculously happy family exploring amazing, faraway places — that you would usually totally dismiss as fiction and think, “yeah, right!” like it was an impossibility. I just came back from two weeks of the latter and I’m now a believer.


My ridiculously happy family about to explore Puerta Princessa’s Underground River
Credit: Felix Perez

My teenage, ungrateful, rebellious self could not allow such a moment, rarely looking forward to or enjoying that thing called a “family vacation,” unless one of my friends were in tow. My husband can relate: “I didn’t want a vacation with my family when I was kid, I wanted a vacation from my family.

I’m admitting to this now and asking for my parents’ forgiveness for all the times my teenage (and preteen) self ruined ours with endless complaining, scowling faces in photographs, and overall poor behavior. All of you kids (and adults) who have this same tendency to ruin family vacations, please don’t do it!

Again, Mom and Dad, so sorry for all those times. I totally get how important that time is now that I’m a parent. I’m so thrilled at the prospect of spending 24/7 with my daughter and husband, eagerly counting the days to the family vacation, how sh*tty would it be for my kid to act like a jerk during it? I’d be crushed.


The Senior-Citizen Selfie

I’m not going to brag to you about all the details of our recent family trip overseas to see even more family (100 plus at a reunion), because this lovely beach you see is just a small glimpse into what was an especially dream vacation care of my generous parents (thanks to all of you friends and family who made those discounted rates and cool adventures possible!). And you’ll just hate me if I shared more photos of glorious tropical sunsets as you look out the window at snow, rain, etc.

But to be honest, even if you took away ziplining over the China Sea (no toddler in tow, then!), the fancy meals someone else paid for, the whirlpool bathtub, private Shetland horse ride, etc. Take that all away, and I’d still be saying I had an amazing time, because the best part of the whole trip was because of that one thing: family.


Underwater Auntie-Niece Bonding
Credit: Felix Perez

Because it’s not every day you get to spend two weeks straight with people you love — immediate family and extended family and family friends included! (I believe it had been almost 15 years since my sisters, parents and I had gone on a family vacation before this trip.)

Much of our weeks are usually filled with loads of dirty dishes and laundry, stressful hours at work or in traffic, paying bills or pretending they don’t exist, trying to get our kids to sleep or to wake up for something, and people who don’t give a damn about you, along with those random strangers who go out of their way to help you.

Am I geeking out on family and clinging to my family vacation nirvana because now I’m a mother? Maybe. Is it because I’m older and realize how these moments can’t be taken for granted? Most likely. Or is it because I was so touched seeing the joy my daughter and niece brought to my parents’ faces when they all played together on the beach/in the hotel room/at the airport/at meals/in the mall while my sisters and I were in the distance. Hell, yeah.

So, yes, I’m suffering from the worst family vacation hangover. And there’s only one cure for it: plan the next one.



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Remember playing with this?

How magical was it to have a box with colorful discs that played music . . . what a concept! See more treasured toys from your childhood below. And consider these vinyl offerings for your grown-up record collection!



Remember When These Were Cool Gifts?


Vintage Lunchboxes

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Mark your calendars!

Lullaby Renditions of Grateful Dead arrives April 28. Who will you be buying a copy for?

Check out the track list below and complete the puzzle below to get a sneak peak of what surprises are featured in the CD.

1. Friend of the Devil
2. Casey Jones
3. Truckin’
4. Sugar Magnolia
5. China Cat Sunflower
6. Cumberland Blues
7. Scarlet Begonias
8. Uncle John’s Band
9. He’s Gone
10. Fire on the Mountain
11. Bertha
12. Touch of Grey
13. Ripple

Listen to clips here

Congratulations to our 5 winners who sent in their guesses to last week’s “Guess Who We’re Rockabye’ing Next?” giveaway:

Karl H., Donna B., Timothy K., Virginia M., Zack S.


You may also enjoy these releases from Rockabye Baby:



I have a thing for Ireland, a healthy obsession if you will. I love its rolling green knolls, its plentiful herds of black-faced mountain sheep, and U2. My friend and I even have Irish alter egos, Michelle and Kathleen, each from Killarney and Dublin, respectively.

027297962026 027297969322

Listen to our Lullaby Renditions of U2 and visit us tomorrow for special offer!

Most of my love stems from my mother’s own love of the country, but can also be attributed to a film she bought my sister and I when we were wee lasses called The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns. The film stars . . . now this is good . . . Randy Quaid, Whoopi Goldberg and my personal favorite, Roger Daltrey of The Who as King Boric, the Trooping Fairy King.

So without a doubt my roommates and I are sprucing up our home for St. Patrick’s Day. Here are a few fun ways we’re decorating:

Putting little Leprechaun hats on everyone in our apartment . . . including Dave Grohl 



Hiding pots of “gold” around the house (your kids will love this!).


image from redtricycle.com

Hanging a shamrock garland.


Courtesy of SippyCupMom.com 

Ever since grade school, it’s been a favorite of mine. Maybe it’s because I really like green or maybe it’s because we used to line up our shoes outside of our classrooms so “St. Patrick” could swing through and place candy in them. It’s definitely that actually.

Drinking ;)

Now I like St. Patrick’s Day because I really like beer and any excuse to go out with my friends for a pint is a valid one. Cheers.

Enjoy one while your kiddies do these coloring pages!



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