My blink-182 Pilgrimage Map: A blink-182 Fan’s Guide to San Diego

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During the height of my blink-182 obsession, I was dead set on making my way to San Diego after high school. Screw L.A. (the place I now call home), San Diego was where it was at. Of course, the main draw was that blink-182 was from there. I knew literally nothing of the area except that it was near the ocean, it was blink’s main headquarters and there was a place called Sombrero there that apparently had awesome Mexican food.

SO, in pursuit of broadening my knowledge of San Diego (in relation to blink-182, of course), I made a mini list of places I wanted to go once I got there. I called it my blink-182 Pilgrimage Map:



# 1 Sombrero – “She brings me Mexican food from Sombrero just because.” There are a number of Sombrero locations but this one is the Sombrero they speak of in “Josie.”

# 2 Poway High School – Tom DeLonge notoriously showed up to a high school basketball game while intoxicated and was kicked out of Poway High once teachers caught on. Funny enough, when he returned the next year, his class voted him Homecoming King to tick the staff off.

# 3 Soma – Blink quickly became a mainstay at Soma during their earliest years performing together when they were still simply known as “blink.”

# 4 Doubletime Studios – Blink recorded their first official studio effort, Buddah, at this recording studio out in El Cajon.

Now you, too, can take your own blink-182 tour south.

You stay classy, San Diego! AND stay punk rock.

Have any more blink-182 haunts we should add to the pilgrimage list?

Share below!


Lullaby Renditions of blink-182 arrives August 14

“Rocking” the Lake: Rockabye Baby Meets Atticus

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The men of blink-182 have created their fair share of side projects. Let’s see, there’s Famous Stars and Straps, Hi My Name Is Mark, Angels and Airwaves, +44, Macbeth, Boxcar Racer, Loserkids . . . I’m sure I’m missing a few. But my personal favorite is:


If you’ve been a follower of all things blink (or were at least doing so from 1999–2004), it’s likely you’re familiar with Mark and Tom’s company Atticus Clothing — if for no other reason than Mark wearing an Atticus shirt throughout all of the early 2000s. Founded in 2001, Atticus was first dreamed up by Mark and Tom during a video shoot. Before running onstage for the cameras, they became hyperaware that they were wearing someone else’s clothes that represented someone else’s ideals and BOOM, the need for Atticus.

Not only did Atticus encouraged kids to express their individuality, but it also gave bands a common entity to unify with. Cross-label and cross-genre, bands from Taking Back Sunday to H20, from The Starting Line to Glassjaw repped the “dead bird,” and by more than just sporting the brand on their sleeves . . .


One of the best parts about Atticus (in my opinion) was their Dragging the Lake music compilations. I bought the first of three at Hot Topic in 2002. It introduced me to a slew of bands I’d heard of but hadn’t really listened to (I was still pre-illegal downloading at this point). To this day those three compilations are still getting spins in my car’s CD player. I will NOT give up my 2003 Chevy for a newer, cooler (safer) more high tech vehicle!-

All of this Atticus talk got me thinking . . . what if Rockabye Baby did one of their own “Dragging the Lake” compilations? Firstly, we’d probably call it “Rocking the Lake” but just think!

So, I compiled some of my favorite tracks from each Dragging the Lake comp and swirled them into a dream tracklist inspired by what I’d like to see Rockabye Baby produce in the future. (This list is dwindled down from 50 — it’s hard to pick when there are so many good tunes!)

  1. Praise Chorus – Jimmy Eat World
  2. Pride War – Further Seems Forever
  3. E. Dagger – Lagwagon
  4. You’re So Last Summer – Taking Back Sunday
  5. Remedy – Hot Water Music
  6. Walking On Glass – The Movielife
  7. A Jackknife to a Swan – The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
  8. William Tell Overdrive – Jets to Brazil
  9. 1000 Paper Cranes – Motion City Soundtrack
  10. Part of Your Body Is Made out of Rock – Piebald
  11. Greg’s Last Day – The Starting Line
  12. A Box Full Of Sharp Objects – The Used
  13. Vacant Skies – Sparta
  14. Don’t Tell Me That It’s Over – blink-182
  15. All We Want – H20
  16. Grey Skies Turn Blue – MxPx
  17. You’ll Never Guess Who Died – The Kinison
  18. Post Script – Finch
  19. Radio Cambodia – Glassjaw
  20. Find Comfort in Yourself – Midtown
  21. All Systems Go – Boxcar Racer
  22. The New Year – Death Cab for Cutie
  23. Living in America – The Sounds
  24. Jaked on Green Beers – Alkaline Trio

There! Now THAT would be one hell of a double-disc compilation, don’t you think? I’d be curious to see how some of these might turn out since we haven’t ventured too far into this territory of music.

Perhaps something for us to think about?

What do you think? More music like this??

We’ve at least got one coming out that we think you’ll like . . .


Lullaby Renditions of blink-182 arrives August 14

The REAL Ultimate Lullaby Collection

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“Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and “Rockabye Baby” are nice tunes indeed, but wouldn’t you rather listen to a mix of Foo Fighters, Winehouse and Radiohead instead? That’s what we’d call the REAL ultimate lullaby collection. And . . . we have it.

What happens when you mix “Crazy,” “Happy,” a touch of “Halo” and a little “Creep” in one musical parent-approved, baby-friendly package? This…



Good Baby, Bad Baby is a lullaby renditions mélange of U2, Pharrell, Foo Fighters, P!nk, Beyoncé, Maroon 5, Depeche Mode, Gnarls Barkely, Judas Priest, Amy Winehouse, Jay Z, Eminem, Rihanna and Radiohead, all wrapped up into a little bundle just for you and yours — plus, a book. That’s what we call ultimate.

Listen to the collection HERE.

Good Baby Bad Baby book

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