Our vinyl Lullaby Renditions of Grateful Dead arrives tomorrow at record stores around the country.

Find a store near you!

And check out our four other vinyl releases below!

Lullaby Renditions of Flaming Lips
Lullaby Renditions of the White Stripes
Lullaby Renditions of Pearl Jam
Lullaby Renditions of the Smiths



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Signs You’re a Hipster Parent

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Dead Heads take a step back, look and listen. Lullaby Renditions of Grateful Dead is heading your way this Saturday for Record Store Day! And it’s an eye and earful . . .


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Drinking at home just hasn’t been the same since I became a dad.



But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Cheers, fathers. My song pick for moments like this: Metallica’s “Welcome Home (Sanitarium).” Enjoy.


Lullaby Renditions of Metallica


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Fleetwood. Mac. Live.

Friday night my life changed forever. I saw Fleetwood Mac perform at The Forum in Los Angeles. And I’m writing this statement before the fact but have no doubts that this will be the case. We’ll see what I say after Friday night . . .

CONFIRMED: My life has changed forever. I have never felt so much helpless love in my entire life.

I even wrote THAT before the fact because I’m so confident!

Here’s a photo from the show:

Fleetwood Mac at The Forum in LA Friday night!

A photo posted by Rockabye Baby (@rockabyebabymusic) on




Now tuck yourself into bed with Lullaby Renditions of Fleetwood Mac



To Sir, with Love: Paul McCartney at Dodger Stadium

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And there’s more sibling fun to be found in these releases…


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Whether you call it a harness or a leash, it’s a device that (hopefully) keeps your kid within reach, and they’ve been around longer than you think.

 Do you think it’s one of the best or worst ideas of all time?

 We’d love to hear your off and on the leash stories! Post your comments below, or chime in on Facebook.



How Do You Feel About These Signs?


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Don’t you have those moments when you just wish you were a kid again?

Lying on the floor in public places . . .

Peeing in your pants . . .

Talking to yourself . . .

Screaming loudly just because you felt like it, anywhere, anytime . . .

Grown-ups just can’t do those things and have it considered normal behavior. What do you really miss? See what people at Rockabye Baby HQ had to say and to enter this week’s giveaway, tell us:


What do you think is the hardest part about being a grown-up?

Post your answer in the comments below by April 15 at 6 pm PT to be entered to win this grown-up bundle: one (1) Rockabye Baby! mug and one (1) Adult Organic Cotton T-shirt. One winner will be selected.


I think the practicalities of being an adult can sometimes trump the wonder and endless imagination you have as a child, it’s a little bit of work to keep that front and center but worth the effort. —Hannah

The hardest part of being a grown-up is: I can’t eat Frosted Flakes, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with Fritos, Mallomars, Fluffernutters, Screaming Yellow Zonkers, Sara Lee brownies, frosted brown sugar Pop Tarts, and fried-chicken TV dinners and actually function. —Lisa

Yeah I’d have to say the hardest part of being an adult is trading carefree innocence for responsibility.  Things like slowing metabolism, paying taxes, filling multiple roles (spouse, employee, child, parent, sibling, friend, etc.) can really wear you down. —Chrissy

The hardest part about growing up, and I’m learning a lot especially lately, is that time marches on no matter how badly you’d like it to slow down — even just for a little bit. Savoring every good moment when I recognize it gets more and more important the older I get. Wanting everything to move faster or come quicker isn’t something I’m concerned about too much anymore. —Stacie

The hardest part about being an adult are the expectations, both the ones society places upon you and the ones you place upon yourself. When you’re a kid, you’re expected to screw up and make mistakes, because that’s how you learn, but you aren’t always afforded that when you’re a grown-up. And being a grownup woman, the expectations are even worse — we have to look young, but act mature; we have to have babies, but aren’t allowed to gain any weight; we have to be fiercely independent, but not too much or it’ll scare people. It’s exhausting! —Sarah

Are you a baby-talker?

There’s no shortage of articles weighing in on if baby talk is good or bad for babies—and what types. One article says a “sing-song voice” can be good, but avoid cutesy words. Another says “Speak Parantese, Not Baby Talk.” And “new findings” appear every year. It’s exhausting to keep up with.

But it’s difficult to resist reading these articles when they’re popping up on your social feeds or favorite news site each day. I unfortunately find myself clicking through them at the same rate I click on those horrifying news articles about tragedies involving babies/kids/etc. Why? Because . . . I’m human: I want to know if what I believe is good/bad for my kid is in sync or totally out of sync with what the rest of the world thinks.

If the latest research says goo-goo ga-ga and squishing my face up and talking nonsensically to my baby hurts her development do I automatically stop doing it?



What I’ve certainly learned about going from the “all about me” stage to the “oh, sh*t, I am actually responsible for this little person” is that it can make you feel incredibly vulnerable, or so crazy obsessive about what’s right and wrong to do that it’s paralyzing. But, of course, you want to keep up on all the research and commentary to make sure you’re not screwing up your kid: from the way you talk to your baby to what kind of bed you place that little one in at night.

Other days, it’s just “give her whatever she wants so she stops crying.” So if high-pitched, gooey baby talk does the job, you do it. If saying the alphabet in a deep baritone voice makes you and your baby happy, you do it. Parenthood can’t always be about planning ahead, especially when you have a newborn. It’s often about what’s the best decision I can make for my kid today?

So here’s my take on baby talk that isn’t based on a University of Washington study or some science institute in Tokyo (both are fascinating, though!): Frankly, when our daughter was a baby, my husband and family just talked to her the way we talked to each other, like people who loved each other — and that was enough.

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Just two more days until Easter. Hopefully you’ve got your eggs decorated, and plans for the Easter egg hunt are underway. There is nothing more thrilling than the hunt!


Rockabye Grrl doing some Easter Egg huntin’ (back in the 90s, as if the clothes don’t give it away enough)

One thing I wish I’d had as a kid though: HINTS.

My grandparents must have gotten a real kick out of sending us for a loop when they hid eggs. My sister and I would be on the lookout for HOURS trying to track down every single one (usually exactly 24). They would be hidden around the house, the garden, the pig pen, the machine shed. Everywhere. As I said, a hint or two would have been nice. Something like this!

Here is our very own Easter egg hunt hint kit (with the Rockabye Bear helping us find eggs, of course).

Simply download, print, cut, paste and use! We taped our cutouts onto the backs of wood craft sticks so they could be easily stuck in the ground.





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