March25_TheClash_AlbumArt How beloved are The Clash and Joe Strummer? We think 4 murals in 4 cities says it all.







Los Angeles mural by unknown (If you know, tell us!)
Photo by Rockabye Grrl


London mural by Emma Harrison
Photo from Stupefaction


New York mural by Dr. REVOLT
Photo by Virginia Rollison for TimeOut


Almería mural by Janafeni
Photo by Javier Navarette Fernàndez-Nieto

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Now I know reading that probably brings to mind beaches, beer bongs and, uh, other unmentionables, but not so fast! This is a different kind of spring break adventure.

When my little sister was accepted into the study-abroad program last year, my mom and I began plotting our trip to visit her wherever she chose to go because a) we knew it’d be somewhere in Europe (cool!), and b) we knew she was a shoo-in so preplanning didn’t feel weird. And, right on schedule 8 months later, we were Spain bound!

RBSpain2 (2)
Countryside view from my favorite city, Ronda
(Ernest Hemingway and Orson Welles spent a lot of time here)

Now, traveling with your parents (and grandparent . . . and some extended family) once you’re in your mid-twenties isn’t something people do all too often apparently; I guess the general consensus is that “spring break” should still mean beaches, beer bongs and unmentionables at my age. I got more than a few sideways glances anytime I said the words “spring break,” “parents,” and “two weeks” in the same sentence. People were like “Oh, NOOO! Really??? Sad! Bummer, bro.” Appropriate responses . . . for someone who just told you they have worms.

RBSpain1 (2)

Alcazar de Segovia!

Little do these family trip haters know that my folks are actually a breeze to travel with . . . and they’re a riot, too! We’re all morning people, we all like seeing as much as we can in a day, and we all enjoy ending the day with a little wine and some fresh bread. Seriously the bread in Spain was outstanding . . . the wine, too ;). And true to form, there was no shortage of music quizzing going on between my dad and me. Though this time there wasn’t as much quizzing as there was both of us trying to yell who was playing on the radio before the other did. I would say I beat him nearly tenfold but the man knows more Bread songs than I do, it’s just the truth.


Where my dad and I left our mark during a little bar hopping

The only person I took issue with the whole trip (outside of a few obligatory arguments with my sister) was my roomie, Grandma T. She found cause to wake up around 5:30 am every day (a late start for this 4:00 am riser) so that she may pack (and then unpack) her things. LOUDLY. As loudly as, I’m convinced, humanly possible.

I almost lobbed a pillow at her on the last day but decided that wasn’t very granddaughterly.

Anyway, despite the minor hiccups I had with my grandma’s morning rituals, the whole journey was truly incredible and I’m beyond thankful that I was able to go. Having the opportunity to gallivant through another country with some of my favorite people, especially in a country as beautiful as Spain, is not something many have the chance (or desire, I understand) to do.



Aqui esta mi familia!

This is one of the nicest family photos we’ve ever been taken. My Dad is even showing off his brilliant smile (that’s literally his version of smiling). This was at the Aqueduct in Segovia.

I hope my snapshots inspire you to get out and take your own family-filled, beer bong–free “spring break.” Here’s a song to get you in the mood for the adventure.

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It appears that our neighborhood had Smart Cars long before there were Smart Cars.

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Happy Monday, everyone!

Today we’re kicking off the week with a little Rockabye Baby Etiquette 101. (By the way, if you haven’t read the “How to Hold Other People’s Babies” post, you must!) The lesson of the day is simple: Sh*t you should never say to a new parent.



1)   “Your baby is really cute . . .” if you don’t mean it. We may not be getting much sleep, but when you become a parent, it’s like your BS radar goes up a notch. So if you’re not being sincere when showering our kid with compliments because you feel obliged to, we’ll know. And those fake smiles . . . save ’em.

2)   “Are you getting much sleep?” No. But you know that already so don’t remind us that we aren’t. And you probably don’t want to spend the short amount of time you have our undivided attention talking about how little sleep we’re getting, right?

3)   “Are you free fill in the blank night?” During the early months, seriously, there is no “free” time and when there is, it’s likely spent doing things like catching up on sleep, eating uninterrupted and, you know, showering.

4)   “You look good . . .” if you don’t mean it. See #1. But it’s nice of you to say so. I personally think I look better sleep deprived, but my husband looked like a wreck. A loveable wreck, but if you’re someone who is used to an average of 7-8 hours of sleep a night, well, good luck!

5)   “Why don’t you fill in the blank . . .” Frankly, if you’re thinking of saying anything to a new parent that starts with those 3 words, best to reword in a different way. One of the most annoying things we could do without is all the unwanted advice. Yes, we probably vent about all the things that are bothering us because of #3, but sometimes we just want someone who doesn’t (lovably) spit, poop or pee on us all day. Now, if we actually ask you, pointedly, your help on something, please share!

6)   “Will you have another?” Um, how about you try asking after we’ve survived the first year.

 Now, it’s your turn….

What are things YOU think you should never say to a new parent? 

Tell us in the comments below to enter our random drawing for this super-cool bundle! One (1) winner will be selected. Enter by Monday, April 21 at 12 pm PT. So, go ahead, vent away!


The Clash were often referred to as “The Only Band That Mattered,” and during the late ’70s/early ’80s, it was hard to argue with that. They were crucial to the development of the British punk rock scene and paved the way for so many bands that followed in their footsteps.


London Calling press shot

Their imagery, chart-topping songs and attitude made them unforgettable, so in honor of our latest release, Lullaby Renditions of The Clash, here are some fun facts about The Clash that you may not have known:

1. Joe Strummer’s real name was “John Graham Mellor” and his original stage name was Woody Mellor.

2. The band insisted that their 1979 release London Calling, and all their subsequent albums, would be sold at lower-than-standard prices.

3. The Clash’s debut album was not originally released in America. However, it sold 100,000 import copies, making it the largest selling import album of its time.

4. The cover of the London Calling album is a homage to Elvis’s Rock And Roll LP from 1956.

5. Joe Strummer was a big stamp collector while he was in school.

6. The Clash performed their first show as a band supporting The Sex Pistols.


Want some more lullabies from across the pond? Check out these Rockabye Baby releases!


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It’s International Guitar Month so the guitar love continues with guitars you can make at home, or, at least if you’re someone who has a way with paper.


By Mark Saul of Novel Brand

Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Okay, so maybe you’re not that skilled with paper. That’s okay, in 11 steps you can make yourself this cute Rockabye Baby DIY Guitar that you can actually play. Strum, strum!



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Have you been missing our Why Babies Rule! series?

Don’t fret, we will bring it back. It’s not that we ran out of reasons… It’s just that some of our resident babies have moved into the toddler phase and it’s no longer about why our kids rule, it’s how they rule, if you catch my drift. Yeah, you get it. It’s their way or the highway.

So we’re looking to start another series that’s about you, dear parents, and what you can teach us.


Share your rocking parent tips below to enter to win one of these awesome album art onesie bundles


I’ll kick it off to get things started. Here’s one rocking parent tip that has seriously changed life in our household by eliminating one of the nastiest pests on earth: telemarketers.


Now it’s your turn! Enter your rocking parent tips below by April 15 at 12 pm PDT to be entered into our random giveaway. Two (2) winners will be selected.


Let’s Dance!

We have good reason to be dancing at Rockabye HQ lately!

On April 19th we’re releasing another Record Store Day exclusive: Lullaby Renditions of David Bowie and we couldn’t be more excited. The package includes original artwork by our ever-talented illustrator, Jennifer Cuellar:



Let’s take a visual tour of the vinyl, shall we?

Bright Colored Vinyl



A full-color inner sleeve that doubles as a kids’ game
And a download card good for the whole album

It’s just about the most beautiful thing we’ve ever seen . . . oh, and it sounds equally as good, too!

Mark those calendars! Lullaby Renditions of David Bowie arrives on vinyl April 19th!

Find a participating record store in your area here!



And that’s not all for vinyl around here! Check out the rest of our LP releases and add a few to your collection here.

I don’t know how two people less than 30 pounds each can eat so much, but when it comes to their stomachs my kids’ are black holes. You can throw an endless supply of food down their tiny gullets and they are asking for snacks within 10 minutes. Which is why it seems like we are always at the grocery store.

I’m lucky to live within walking distance of two different grocery stores — one overpriced and fancy; another egalitarian and crowded. We hit the latter almost every day. I’m an expert at wheeling the two hungry beasts around in carts or strollers through the narrow aisles; my girls are experts at sweet-talking the person in charge of the samples into extras.


We treat the fancy grocery store like it’s Disneyland: we go rarely, buy only what’s necessary, and act like it’s a great adventure. There, they have kid-size carts the girls can push around, multiple sample stations and give out free balloons. The self-serve sample stations means that, by my math, my girls gobble up almost $5 worth of fresh fruit while they are running around the store kamikazeing their tiny carts. And the best part is that the staff is so kind and polite they act like my kid freaking out when I deny her access to the checkout candy isn’t a big deal.

Before I had kids, I did most of my shopping at quaint farmer’s markets; now, thanks to the ravenous appetites of two toddlers, that’s impossible. It’s like following behind two human-size Pac-men. Without the supermarket, we’d be game over.

Listen to “Lost in the Supermarket” from
Lullaby Renditions of The Clash


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Can I first say, I have total baby envy for all you expectant mothers. My daughter is turning 2 in May and it’s gone by too quickly!

Three lovely women I know are actually expecting very, very soon, and two of them are true rocker girls: Jeannie, loves hair bands, spent much of her twenties on the Sunset Strip and plays guitar; Annie, used to sing in a band and actually married a rocker!

So it got me thinking, what kind of baby showers would I throw these music–loving ladies? Or, rather . . .

What should a rockin’ baby shower look like?

Not every expectant parent wants a Pinterest approved, perfectly planned shower. Some people wouldn’t mind a rockin’ show. So here are my tips for “How to Throw a Rockin’ Baby Shower.”


By HydraulicGraphix

1) First off, it starts with the invite: tickets, show(er) tickets, of course! And, for the special guest parents, make sure they receive VIP tickets.


The Sayers Club in Hollywood

2) Choose or create a rockin’ venue. My husband scoffed at my idea of holding a baby shower at a rock club. “Have you seen what a place like The Roxy or Whisky looks like with the lights on?” he said to me. I told him, “Then turn the lights off!”

Okay, so maybe renting a club for an afternoon or early evening shower may be too much, but you can create a rock club setting at your home — unless you could rent a space like The Sayers Club, with its très hip ambiance. (Definitely check out our Small Talk with The Sayers Club’s Jason Scoppa!)



3) Invite rock royalty! Your guest list should be a who’s who from rock history. While members from Van Halen probably won’t be RSVPing for just anyone’s shower, you can have all your guests come dressed as her or his — making it a coed shower would totally rock — favorite rock star. Our Idolize board on Pinterest is a great place to go for inspiration.

LP covers Aerosmith’s “Dream On”

4) Of course, have a band play! So maybe not everyone (or anyone) at the party is a musician, but that’s what karaoke is for (or so my dad says). Your VIP guests will love it. Extra points if you can actually get someone to crowd surf, for sure. Maybe any little kids in attendance? Just not the pregnant guest of honor!


From Bubby & Bean

5) And, no doubt, you must have a fun rock-inspired spread for people. It can range from a rock-inspired menu of guitar cupcakes  and “California Dreamin” rolls. Be creative!

namethattune (2)


6) Don’t forget great games to play. And, of course, play our “Name That Tune” Baby Shower Game! It will really test everyone’s rock knowledge. And the prize for the winner? We’re happy to help with that!

We want to help you with your baby-shower planning. Not just with our tips and games, but the prizes. So we’re giving away one Good Day, Goodnight bundle to one (1) lucky winner. To enter, just answer the question, “What should a rockin’ baby shower look like?” below in the comments by April 11 at 12 pm PST to be entered into our random draw.