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The Children’s Museum of Houston (above) takes top honors in Parents magazine’s top 10 children’s museums.

Was there a cuter Super Bowl commercial than Volkswagen’s Baby Darth Vader ad?

Spike Lee and Tonya Lewis Lee’s new children’s book Giant Steps to Change the World “features ordinary people who stood up for their beliefs and passions and became heroes in the process.”

Disney is now targeting new customers in the maternity ward.

The New Republic examines what the U.S. could learn from Finland about educational reform: “The Children Must Play.”

Death metal + LEGOs = Awesome

Good News: Our Children Will Be Better Off Than We Are.

Tina Fey has an essay on motherhood in the latest issue of the New Yorker (although you’ll have to pick up a print copy to read the whole thing): “Confessions of a Juggler”

Looking for a February vacation destination? Check out London’s Imagine Children’s Festival.


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  • First of all, being a Steelers fan, I wanted to say I was very sad about the Superbowl. But, yes that Baby Darth Vader commercial was fantastic. During the Superbowl is the one time I’ll actually watch commercials because they’re so good. I guess when you’re paying a million dollars per 30sec., they better be good.