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What would the world be without guitars? We don’t even want to think about it!

That’s why we’re celebrating International Guitar Month. We thought about showing you our staff’s guitar collection to commemorate the occasion, and, hey, maybe we still will later this month. But we noticed that you Rockabyers have a sweet tooth.

So we collected some of the sweetest axes you’ll ever see in one place. Ready for some guitars that are truly works of art in more ways than one? Check it.

 From the












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Hungry? We have quite the sweet and savory selection of treats for you today…with our very delectable helping of Small Talk.

lindsey1Because we’re checking in with Canadian Lindsey Bell of the food blog we love to drool over, Hot Polka Dot. Once you’ve seen what comes out of her kitchen, you’ll understand why. Ready to get a taste of Lindsey?


lindsey2Bio. I guess you might call me an artist. Instead of painting murals, sculpting statues or drawing portraits I like to find the art in all things. I write, I bake, I take photos, I make jewelry, I print, I play piano and cook, among other things. I’m a professional dabbler.

Three words to describe Hot Polka Dot: Playful, creative and unique.

Brood: I have a 13-year-old stepdaughter, Sable. She’s thoughtful, funny and marvelous.

Current theme song: Counting Stars by OneRepublic.

Who taught me to cook and bake: I suppose I picked up a few things from my mom and my Oma. They’re both fantastic self-taught cooks. I also took an interest in cooking and baking after moving in with my boyfriend, Lee, and his daughter. I really wanted to take care of my new family so I became a self-taught cook.

Who taught me photography: I learned a lot from my dad and I filled in the rest of my blanks on my own. I’m a Googler. If I don’t know how to do something I find someone who does!

5 things I couldn’t live without: My KitchenAid mixer, my phone, my camera, my laptop, my imagination.

5 things I could live without: Winter, centipedes, adult acne, my ankle birthmark, coconut.

Music that inspires me: I try not to discriminate with my music tastes and I like all kinds of sounds. I love folksy music like Mumford and Sons and Said the Whale. Rock like Muse and Silversun Pickups. Rap like Beastie Boys or Macklemore. Pop like Fun and Florence and the Machine. Electronica like Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails. When I’m creative in the kitchen you can often catch me belting out some Adele or dancing to David Guetta.

lindsey3Most rockin’ recipe: I suppose you could say my most rockin’ recipe is Chocolate Orange Tiger Cake. It’s by far the best cake I’ve ever made and even my favourite cake I’ve ever tasted. I’m super proud of the petal frosting and zebra-striped cake. It’s rich and sweet while surprising and spunky.

Ingredient of the moment: My favourite ingredient and all-time favourite condiment right now is ranch dressing. I’ve been putting it on and in just about anything: meatloaf, potato kabobs, burgers, potato salad, pizza, mashed potatoes, onion rings, pimento cheese sandwiches.

Biggest culinary dream: I think it would be pretty neat to write a cookbook. It would combine two of my favourite things: writing and baking.

Best childhood memory: One of my first and favourite memories of my childhood was drawing in the sand at Algonquin Park in Ontario. I spent 11 consecutive summers there with my family and had an amazing, life-altering time. It’s where I learned to ride a bike, draw, feed chipmunks, forage for blueberries, build a fire and swim.

Why Babies Rule: Babies are like little adults, sometimes they smell, sometimes they’re fussy, then there are those times when you see a glimmer of the person they’ll grow up to be. A writer, an artist, a doctor, a lawyer. They are full of potential, full of wonder and full of dreams.

Best advice I ever received: To be myself. Not really sure who told me that. It might have even been me. Either way, it’s a motto I like to live by. I find there are times I need a little reminder to not only be myself, but to be true to myself.

lindsey4Family’s fave recipe: Probably Chicken Pesto Pizza. I don’t mean to brag, but I make pretty awesome pesto and smearing it on some homemade pizza dough, covering it with cherry tomatoes, red pepper, grilled chicken and mozzarella cheese just seemed like the best idea ever. And it was!

My recipe for life: 1 heaping cup of creativity, 1 tablespoon of imagination and a dash of fun. Mix on high for life. Consume voraciously. Bowl licking is not only permitted, it’s recommended!

If I were to write a book about my life, it would be called…The Story of a Professional Dabbler: Writer, Baker, Candlestick Maker.

Still hungry? Check out more of Lindsey’s amazing recipes HERE.

And for more foodie Small Talk, meet Rockabye Baby’s own chef, Jeff Parker.


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The classic 1970s potty training book Once Upon a Potty is now an iPhone and iPad app.

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A little NSFW, but if the Today show can handle it… The new children’s book Go the F@#k to Sleep is sweeping the nation.

A French toy giraffe (Sophie, above) that helps with teething trouble is  making it big in the U.S. Get yours here.

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Every year on September 13th, people around the world celebrate the life and imagination of Roald Dahl. Having written such classics as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Matilda, and James and the Giant Peach, it’s no wonder Dahl is considered one of the world’s greatest fiction authors. Roald Dahl Day, which lands on the legendary author’s birthday, was created to help introduce a new generation of children to his classic stories.

The official website features a schedule of special events and party packs to help you plan your own celebration. The party packs come complete with fun trivia questions such as “Where did Charlie find his Golden Ticket?”

Also featured on the site are fun activities such as the Roald Dahl Reading Relay, which challenges kids to read Roald Dahl books from September – December. Enter the relay here for a chance to win an Official Roald Dahl Reading Relay Certificate.

Visit for more information about Roald Dahl and fun activities to share with your kids.