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A Monday Motherload Giveaway

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Here’s something fun to to kick those Monday morning blues…winning a Rockabye Baby 10-CD gift set!

Today, is giving away a set vauled at $170  to 3 lucky Moms & Babies readers. you have until 11:59 P.M. ET tonight to enter, so enter now!

The 10-CD gift set includes lullaby renditions of Madonna, Depeche Mode, the Beatles, Journey and more of your favorite bands. Talk about a tender motherload to carry baby into slumberland. Good luck!

And speaking of mothers…don’t miss out on sending the mothers in your life our Mother’s Day Box Set. Never miss out on an opportunity to tell your mama or mother-to-be that you care…the Rockabye way – with more baby zzzzs.


New Links on the Block

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The classic 1970s potty training book Once Upon a Potty is now an iPhone and iPad app.

This little boy catches his first fish and wants to name him Free.

From The Onion: Rich First-Grader Buys Whole Sheet of Gold Stars.

Are your tots addicted to the Cars movies? Neal Pollack speculates on their seductive power.

A study has found that kids’ asthma may actually be food allergies.

“I love you when you give me cookies.”

UCLA has what might be the first university library baby book collection.


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