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DIY Stevie Nicks Tambourine

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One of my favorite Halloween costumes from last year (I had multiple, ha!) was my take on the great and powerful Stevie Nicks.


All the costumes I was a part of came together pretty damn well; my friends and I nailed Spinal Tap, and my friend Kate and I were the perfect Nancy and Tonya (in my opinion). My Stevie outfit was the easiest to throw together, though, because I had so much of what I was looking for in my closet already. The ONE thing I wasn’t able to complete in time for this costume was a homemade tambourine. I would have also liked a top hat and maybe a few more talismans, but a guy can only do so much.

But all is not lost! Seeing as our next release is Lullaby Renditions of Fleetwood Mac, I have the perfect opportunity (excuse) to finally make a Stevie tambourine. So let’s do it!


What You’ll Need

Embroidery hoops (any size will work)
Heavy string
Lace (leather would be fun, too!)
Ribbons (cut to various lengths)
Hot glue gun


1. Separate the embroidery hoop, placing the inner hoop to the side.
2. Make dashes along the radius of the hoop, mimicking the hours of a clock.
3. Near the metal piece of the hoop, take the end of your string and tie a knot wrapping the string a few more times at that same mark.


4. Thread a bell through the string, securing it to the “One o’clock” dash.
5. Wrap the thread 5 more times until you meet the “Two o’clock” dash. Repeat until you reach the top of the hoop
6. Tie another knot at the top, cut string and loosen metal screw.
7. Take ribbons and tie along top between the “10 o’clock” and “2 o’clock” marks
8. Place your fabric over the inner hoop.


9. Take the bigger hoop and place over the smaller.
10. Tighten screw.
11. Trim excess fabric.
12. Secure the bells in place with a hot glue gun (if desired).

There you have it! You see your gypsy?
(how perfect would this have been for my costume?! Next year . . . ) 

Lullaby Renditions of Fleetwood Mac arrives February 10. But you can channel your inner Stevie Nicks now to a sampling of tracks from the release!

For more DIY musical instruments to start your band on the cheap, try our selection below.

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Last Minute Halloween Costumes

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We’re T-minus, uh, no days to Halloween; it’s here! Yeah, it crept up, huh!

If you’re looking for a quick and simple last minute Halloween costume for one of your trick-or-treating troops, look no further. (And for an added bonus, check out this awesome coloring page that both you and your littles can enjoy … featuring our entire cast of characters.)


Elton John


What You’ll Need: Over-sized, bejeweled sunglasses and a feather boa

To top it off: If you happen to have a mini keyboard on hand, this is a great time to use it!

Michael Jackson


What You’ll Need: A red zip-up jacket, a single white glove

To top it off: White socks with black shoes

Gwen Stefani

gwenstefani (3)

What You’ll Need: Pony-tail, red lipstick, wind-pants, and a sleeveless white tank top

To top it off: An orange

Elvis Presley


What You’ll Need: Slicked back hair, some “king-sized” shades, a white colored shirt and a red cachenez

Top it off: With a non-toxic black marker, draw on a pair of sideburns for your “hunk, a hunk-of burnin’ love.”

Check out a few other quick Halloween get-ups inspired by artists Rockabye Baby has “lullabied” here!

To really get your kids into character, listen to their favorite rocker’s biggest hits

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Don’t forget! There’s one more day of our Halloween Sale!



Why Halloween is My Least Favorite Holiday

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Halloween is coming soon…hoorah. Can you sense my enthusiasm, or lack thereof? I rarely meet a person who doesn’t like the holiday, but I have my reasons.


Click to download coloring page!

Why Halloween is My Least Favorite Holiday

1)      You don’t actually get the holiday off. When it doesn’t land on a weekend, it’s not like you get to fully enjoy it.

2)      I worked at a Halloween store when I was a teenager. For two seasons I saw enough costumes to last a lifetime. I’m happy to never step in another Halloween store again.

3)      I have a terrible sweet tooth. I have no willpower when it comes to candy and neither do my teeth. Just ask my mother. One dental visit I had 7 cavities. Or, maybe, the matter is that I am terrible at brushing and flossing my teeth?

4)      The traffic. Really, how does one holiday manage to create freeway gridlock for 3-5 straight hours in my city in all directions?

5)      It should be renamed Hello Jerk Day. In my experience, all the monsters do come out on this night…or turn into ones after all the drinking that goes on.

6)      If you don’t dress up, people think you’re lame. I’m just lazy and unimaginative most years, actually.

7)      No one told me monsters and ghosts weren’t real.  I may be over the hill, but I have to admit, I still get scared. Thing is, my parents were raised in a culture that is really superstitious and believes in the spirit world. Maybe if I were raised thinking it was all make-believe, I’d feel differently about Halloween. 

Now that I’m a mother, though, it’s hard to resist dressing up my daughter as funny characters any day of the year. Thanks to no shortage of presents in Little D’s closet she has much to transform into: owl, moose, dragon and hamburger hats, fairy and princess dresses (care of her grandmother) and tiger, butterfly and strawberry costumes, among others. And, indeed, it kills me to see her in each – they’re not scary, they’re happy.

With Halloween almost here, and celebrating the second one with a kid, I’ve warmed up to the holiday just a little with a new list:

 halloweencoloring1-lowres halloweencoloring2-lowres

Click images to download coloring pages!

Why Halloween is an Okay Holiday

1)      My little girl loves walking up to knock on anyone’s door.

2)      I have a terrible sweet tooth. 😉

3)      I believe in dragons…and love them.

For today’s giveaway, I need your help! My daughter and I still haven’t decided on costumes. Tell us about some of your most memorable – and genius – costumes below by Thursday, Oct. 31, at 8 pm ET and you’ll be entered into our random giveaway for a Rockabye Baby CD of your choice. Three (3) winners will be selected!

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