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DIY Stevie Nicks Tambourine

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One of my favorite Halloween costumes from last year (I had multiple, ha!) was my take on the great and powerful Stevie Nicks.


All the costumes I was a part of came together pretty damn well; my friends and I nailed Spinal Tap, and my friend Kate and I were the perfect Nancy and Tonya (in my opinion). My Stevie outfit was the easiest to throw together, though, because I had so much of what I was looking for in my closet already. The ONE thing I wasn’t able to complete in time for this costume was a homemade tambourine. I would have also liked a top hat and maybe a few more talismans, but a guy can only do so much.

But all is not lost! Seeing as our next release is Lullaby Renditions of Fleetwood Mac, I have the perfect opportunity (excuse) to finally make a Stevie tambourine. So let’s do it!


What You’ll Need

Embroidery hoops (any size will work)
Heavy string
Lace (leather would be fun, too!)
Ribbons (cut to various lengths)
Hot glue gun


1. Separate the embroidery hoop, placing the inner hoop to the side.
2. Make dashes along the radius of the hoop, mimicking the hours of a clock.
3. Near the metal piece of the hoop, take the end of your string and tie a knot wrapping the string a few more times at that same mark.


4. Thread a bell through the string, securing it to the “One o’clock” dash.
5. Wrap the thread 5 more times until you meet the “Two o’clock” dash. Repeat until you reach the top of the hoop
6. Tie another knot at the top, cut string and loosen metal screw.
7. Take ribbons and tie along top between the “10 o’clock” and “2 o’clock” marks
8. Place your fabric over the inner hoop.


9. Take the bigger hoop and place over the smaller.
10. Tighten screw.
11. Trim excess fabric.
12. Secure the bells in place with a hot glue gun (if desired).

There you have it! You see your gypsy?
(how perfect would this have been for my costume?! Next year . . . ) 

Lullaby Renditions of Fleetwood Mac arrives February 10. But you can channel your inner Stevie Nicks now to a sampling of tracks from the release!

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DIY Flute

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Feeling crafty? We’re back with another DIY instrument tutorial.

This time, we’re setting foot on unmarked ground . . . with a wind instrument. *Gasp!*

Yeah, we know, it’s crazy but we promise it’s super simple and your little ones will be fluting about all day after you’ve crafted your very own!

How to Make a Flute

What You’ll Need:
A ruler
10 Straws
Tape or glue

1. Gather your supplies
2. One straw needs to remain uncut at 10 inches. Take the next straw and cut off 1 inch from its bottom.
3. Take your next straw and cut an additional inch (2 inches total)
4.Continue the process (i.e., removing 3 inches, 4, 5, etc.) until desired number of straws is achieved.
5. Cut a long piece of tape.
6.  Lay out a long strip of tape and line up the straws longest to shortest.
7. Continue until all straws have been laid over the tape, with each of the tops even with one another.
8.Secure in place by wrapping tape around the front of the straws.

Bada bing bada boom! You have yourself a flute!




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