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Is your baby good as gold or bad to the bone? Depends when you ask, right? Rockabye Baby knows that even your sweetest thing can get crazy when it’s time for bed. For our first ever mini picture book with music, we picked a playful mix of songs and illustrations that sum up life with a little rocker — always good, sometimes bad. These instrumental lullaby renditions of baby’s favorite rock songs will lull your perfect angel to sleep, and tickle Mom and Dad, too, Rockabye Baby style

Good Baby

1. The Sweetest Thing (lullaby rendition of U2)
2. Happy (lullaby rendition of Pharrell Williams)
3. My Hero (from lullaby renditions of Foo Fighters)
4. F**kin’ Perfect (from lullaby renditions of P!nk)
5. Halo (lullaby rendition of Beyoncé)
7. She Will Be Loved (lullaby rendition of Maroon 5)
8. Enjoy the Silence (from lullaby renditions of Depeche Mode)

Bad Baby

9. Crazy (lullaby rendition of Gnarls Barkley)
10. Breaking the Law (lullaby renditions of Judas Priest)
11. Back to Black (lullaby rendition of Amy Winehouse)
12. Big Pimpin’ (from lullaby renditions of Jay Z)
13. Love the Way You Lie (lullaby rendition of Eminem/Rihanna)
14. Creep (lullaby rendition of Radiohead)

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The worst tantrums seem to erupt from our little tots at the most unfortunate times: in restaurants, during weddings, and right at bedtime, to name a few. But among the most stressful scenarios for a parent — and irritating for others– is a tantrum during that inescapable, long flight.

The only place to escape the cramped seating is the cramped bathroom, and you already used the backup animal crackers when your child threw a little fit about not being able to lick the airport windows.

A six-hour trip from LA to NY would not be pretty without a little Rockabye Baby in tow to tame your little ball of energy. Here are some of our favorite albums to help the calm kick in.

Lullaby Renditions of Metallica – The “Sandman” is more than welcome on this flight!

Lullaby Renditions of Van Halen - Listen to these dreamy lullabies “And the Cradle Will Rock.”

Lullaby Renditions of Weezer – We’re here to prove Mommy and Daddy’s vision of a peaceful flight isn’t “Only in Dreams.”


Have any tips on calming your little ball of engery? Share them below!

Hello, RB friends and fans,

I’m a mere 2 weeks away from my due date and, with that, our home has been the hotbed of activity with family visiting to help prepare for a new addition in more ways than one. Our extended family (who visits our home monthly, at a minimum) has welcomed many a young one in the past year: two young budgies, a 9-month-old kitten and, this past Friday, a three-month-old Chow puppy.

Couple these wild things with a massive 8-year-old Chocolate Lab, a giddy 4-year-old niece, me and my husband, my parents, my two sisters and one brother-in-law, and that’s enough to drive a very pregger woman mad. Yeah. (I’m not sure you even need to be pregnant to understand this tense situation.)

I thank my niece, Natalia, who unintentionally led me to some peace and quiet out of this madness, at least, for an hour. Right now her favorite song is Queen’s “We Will Rock You,” which she heard on a commercial she saw on YouTube. As you can imagine, she screams it…very loudly.

Half of our motley household crew was hanging out in the living room with our extremely noisy budgies Friday night and she wanted to hear more Queen. I wasn’t about to deliver more raucous energy into my evening, so I went with Rockabye Baby! treatment of Queen songs and, man, did it deliver.

It started with Natalia, my mom and me singing along, karaoke-style, to the songs, and then one by one, each animal and person eased into slumber or silence. The parakeets stopped chirping, the Lab went timber onto his side, the Chow plopped on her bed and closed her eyes, the wild kitten curled up on a chair and we singers surrendered to the instruments and also slumped into our seats for some shut-eye.

True story. Lullabies…rule, whatever species or age you are.

Teena, (Soon-To-Be) First-Time Mommy

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Ahh, baby showers.

You have it all planned out: Adorable decor, playful favors for your guests, delicious homemade cake pops, and your favorite raspberry lemonade.  The soft sound of, eeert! Hold it. There is no sound!! Where is the soundtrack to your perfectly planned event?

Don’t sweat it! While you’ve been designing your invites, putting up decorations and spending hours baking, we went ahead and took a little weight off your shoulders. We want your baby shower to be rockin’ so we’ve put together our favorite tunes perfect for celebrating your babe’s arrival!

Rockabye Baby’s  Baby Shower Playlist on Spotify includes lullaby renditions of Green Day’s “Welcome to Paradise,” U2’s “Beautiful Day,” and more! All perfectly appropriate for your little rockers arrival into the world.

1. Here Comes the Sun – Lullaby Renditions of The Beatles
2. Welcome to Paradise – Lullaby Renditions of Green Day
3. Beautiful Day – Lullaby Renditions of U2
4. My Name is Jonas – Lullaby Renditions of Weezer
5. Bohemian Rhapsody – Lullaby Renditions of Queen
6. Like a Prayer – Lullaby Renditions of Madonna
7. Do You Realize?? – Lullaby Renditions of The Flaming Lips
8. Wrapped Around Your Finger – Lullaby Renditions of The Police
9. And the Cradle Will Rock… – Lullaby Renditions of Van Halen
10. Born to Be My Baby – Lullaby Renditions of Bon Jovi
11. Alive – Lullaby Renditions of Pearl Jam
13. Changes – Lullaby Renditions of Black Sabbath
14. Hey Baby – Lullaby Renditions of No Doubt
15. Welcome to the Jungle – Lullaby Renditions of Guns N’ Roses
16. New Kid in Town – Lullaby Renditions of The Eagles
17. 1979 – Lullaby Renditions of Smashing Pumpkins
18. Sweetest Thing – Lullaby Renditions of U2
19. Hey Mama – Lullaby Renditions of Kanye West
20. God Only Knows – Lullaby Renditions of Beach Boys

Listen now: Born to Be Wild – Rockabye Baby! Baby Shower Playlist

Have a favorite tune on our Baby Shower playlist? Share it below!

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An MP3 player for babies? Okay, let’s just admit it. ALL baby gifts are really for the parents, right?

We love this cute bear-shaped player because it has built in speakers (no, you do not put headphones on a baby–ever!) and you can set it so that the volume fades as your little devil falls asleep… and because you can load it up with Rockabye Baby lullaby renditions to let your sweet child dream on and on.

It’s made from non-toxic plastic, is shock proof and you can even record yourself singing a lullaby (or message, if you’re shy) to replay at bedtime.

Want to make this the best baby shower gift of ALL TIME? Pair it with our Digital Download Gift Package, which is a beautifully packaged digital download card, so that the recipient can pick their favorite album from our whole series.