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Thanks to everyone who shared their parental advice in our “Rocking Parent Tips” giveaway! Here’s one we just had to share.


When changing a diaper, always treat the situation like clearing a lawnmower. Wait for everything to come to a complete stop before working. —Anthony M

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Rockabye Baby and our country cousin, Hushabye Baby were recently seen on The Early Show on CBS, on a segment in which a parenting expert shared tips for soothing children with nightmares, insomnia or other sleep problems:

“Young children can be really be helped by soothing and rocking and something we found really great when my children were younger were the Rockabye and the Hushabye Baby collections. These are soft versions of rock classics. In our case we had Bob Marley and U2 and there are a lot of great music methods here that really soothe children in a different way than adults may have experienced… Parents can tolerate it, which you know a lot of children’s music – you can’t.”

Read more about helping kids go to sleep here.

We love this story from the BBC, which lists ten difficult questions you might hear from your kids one day, as well as some great responses from parents and experts alike.

Every mom or dad knows your children will ask things you just don’t know how to answer. Like how much does the sky weigh, or what is time? How ’bout this one: Why did God let my kitten die? Got a good anwer for that? This article gives some thoughtful help to parents who may not have been paying attention in science or philosophy class (or who may not remember the answer they got when they asked the same question of their parents!)

Have you ever been stumped by your little ones? Let us know in the comments how you handled it. You may just help another mom or dad out!