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Rock ’n’ Roll Romance

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Rock ’n’ roll is all about passion and adrenaline, so it’s not surprising that so many romances would happen between rock musicians. So, for our Throwback Thursday post (and in honor of Valentine’s Day this weekend), here are our favorite rock ’n’ roll romances.



Stevie Nicks & Lindsey Buckingham

We’ve got a lot of Fleetwood Mac love going on over at RB headquarters, so it’s no surprise we love two of the people responsible for its rise to fame. They also had a lot of love for each other. The two met in high school, and while it was immediately obvious they had musical chemistry (Nicks said she basically introduced herself by joining in with him while he was singing “California Dreamin’”), it turned out they had all kinds of other chemistry, as well.

Their relationship was tumultuous and their breakup is famously represented on the album Rumours (along with their bandmates, who were also going through breakups). While their relationship may not have lasted, the music certainly has, and Nicks says the love will always be there and that’s even more romantic. (If you want to know even more about Nicks & Buckingham, check out Ms. Rockabye’s “Before They Were Fleetwood Mac” post.)

Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale

Did you know Gwen Stefani wore a PINK wedding dress on her big day with former Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale? Of course she did, she’s Gwen! That’s something we love about Gwen Stefani – she always does it her own way. The Prom King & Queen of the 90s are not only beautiful people, but also multi-talented artists (Gwen has her own clothing/accessory line & Gavin acts as well as sings). The couple have been married for 12 years and have 3 children together.

Jack & Meg White

Jack and Meg White of The White Stripes may not be your traditional romance story, but maybe that’s why we like it. When they first started out, they claimed to be brother and sister. They even kept that up when reports about their wedding started popping up. Their hope was to keep the focus on the music and not their personal lives. It also turns out that when they married, Jack took Meg’s last name, instead of the other way around. While the couple did divorce in 2000, the pair obviously remain good friends and bandmates. When Meg remarried in 2009, she actually held her wedding in Jack’s backyard!

Prince & Sheila E.

This photo says it all. Percussionist and singer Sheila E. was more than just arm candy. Listen to Prince post-Sheila and you’ll see that she influenced him as much as he influenced her.


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The B List

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What’s worth “hanging back” for?

I was recently invited to attend a swanky event (so fancy, it was called a luncheon) at a Beverly Hills hotel, which promised to give awards to significant women in the city. Alas, I was not to be one of honorees, but I did receive a genuine invite, which I RSVPed to and soon received a bubbly confirmation from the publicist.

So I sweet-talked a friend into watching my little one, put on uncomfortable clothes and high heels, and drove across town in 100-degree heat. Valet was complimentary, and I felt pleased to be in the company of actual adult women as I entered the arrival queue at the check-in desk. (I work at home and have two young kids; dalliances outside in the adult world are always exciting.)


When I gave my name to the young attendant, she typed it into her iPad. “Oh,” she said, a note of concern in her voice. Then she looked up and said with a smile, “Would you mind just hanging back for a few minutes?”

“Excuse me?” I stepped back, thinking that maybe she needed more personal space or that perhaps she was about to move the table.

“Just hang back.” She replied cheerfully, like that was an instruction that makes sense.

“I’m sorry. I don’t understand.”

“We need to get some other people in first.”

“I got an invite. I RSVPed.” (I wasn’t defensive, just confused.)

“I know. If you could just come back in 20 minutes we’ll know then if we can accommodate you.”

It took me a moment to get it—I was on the B list. Or maybe even the C list. A crush of well-heeled women was behind me. I left the line, trying to retain some dignity as I fixed my Spanx, which thanks to the heat were creeping up in a most unpleasant manner. It can be cool to get kicked out of a party, but it is never cool to not be let into one.

I walked back into the lobby, where my confusion shifted from shame to getting pissed. Maybe I’m naïve, but when I’m invited to something, I assume that means I’m actually invited to it. Suddenly, the venue seemed intolerably cheesy and reeked of bad perfume. I’d come to celebrate the achievements of kick-ass women while kicking back a few glasses of mid-range Chardonnay. But no matter how good the gift bag might be, there was no getting over the breach in etiquette.

I took the woman’s advice, and I held back. I held way, way back and immediately left. Some cold-salmon-serving luncheon is not worth waiting for—which begs the question:

What is worth acknowledging your low-level status and hanging out anyway to see if the velvet ropes eventually part?

Because if I’m going to be a hanger-on, it’s going to be for more than lunch. So here’s my top list of events I’d “hang back” and wait for (hours, days even):

What would you hang back for?

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Birthday Playlist for Ms. Rockabye

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What’s the most thoughtful gift ever? Music.

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So the team at Rockabye Baby HQ put together a playlist to celebrate Ms. Rockabye’s birthday today. Each RB Team Member contributed one song to let her know she rocks.

Listen to our “Happy Birthday, Ms. Rockabye” playlist below!

And feel free to post your own greetings below.


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