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Now I know reading that probably brings to mind beaches, beer bongs and, uh, other unmentionables, but not so fast! This is a different kind of spring break adventure.

When my little sister was accepted into the study-abroad program last year, my mom and I began plotting our trip to visit her wherever she chose to go because a) we knew it’d be somewhere in Europe (cool!), and b) we knew she was a shoo-in so preplanning didn’t feel weird. And, right on schedule 8 months later, we were Spain bound!

RBSpain2 (2)
Countryside view from my favorite city, Ronda
(Ernest Hemingway and Orson Welles spent a lot of time here)

Now, traveling with your parents (and grandparent . . . and some extended family) once you’re in your mid-twenties isn’t something people do all too often apparently; I guess the general consensus is that “spring break” should still mean beaches, beer bongs and unmentionables at my age. I got more than a few sideways glances anytime I said the words “spring break,” “parents,” and “two weeks” in the same sentence. People were like “Oh, NOOO! Really??? Sad! Bummer, bro.” Appropriate responses . . . for someone who just told you they have worms.

RBSpain1 (2)

Alcazar de Segovia!

Little do these family trip haters know that my folks are actually a breeze to travel with . . . and they’re a riot, too! We’re all morning people, we all like seeing as much as we can in a day, and we all enjoy ending the day with a little wine and some fresh bread. Seriously the bread in Spain was outstanding . . . the wine, too ;). And true to form, there was no shortage of music quizzing going on between my dad and me. Though this time there wasn’t as much quizzing as there was both of us trying to yell who was playing on the radio before the other did. I would say I beat him nearly tenfold but the man knows more Bread songs than I do, it’s just the truth.


Where my dad and I left our mark during a little bar hopping

The only person I took issue with the whole trip (outside of a few obligatory arguments with my sister) was my roomie, Grandma T. She found cause to wake up around 5:30 am every day (a late start for this 4:00 am riser) so that she may pack (and then unpack) her things. LOUDLY. As loudly as, I’m convinced, humanly possible.

I almost lobbed a pillow at her on the last day but decided that wasn’t very granddaughterly.

Anyway, despite the minor hiccups I had with my grandma’s morning rituals, the whole journey was truly incredible and I’m beyond thankful that I was able to go. Having the opportunity to gallivant through another country with some of my favorite people, especially in a country as beautiful as Spain, is not something many have the chance (or desire, I understand) to do.



Aqui esta mi familia!

This is one of the nicest family photos we’ve ever been taken. My Dad is even showing off his brilliant smile (that’s literally his version of smiling). This was at the Aqueduct in Segovia.

I hope my snapshots inspire you to get out and take your own family-filled, beer bong–free “spring break.” Here’s a song to get you in the mood for the adventure.

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It appears that our neighborhood had Smart Cars long before there were Smart Cars.

The Clash were often referred to as “The Only Band That Mattered,” and during the late ’70s/early ’80s, it was hard to argue with that. They were crucial to the development of the British punk rock scene and paved the way for so many bands that followed in their footsteps.


London Calling press shot

Their imagery, chart-topping songs and attitude made them unforgettable, so in honor of our latest release, Lullaby Renditions of The Clash, here are some fun facts about The Clash that you may not have known:

1. Joe Strummer’s real name was “John Graham Mellor” and his original stage name was Woody Mellor.

2. The band insisted that their 1979 release London Calling, and all their subsequent albums, would be sold at lower-than-standard prices.

3. The Clash’s debut album was not originally released in America. However, it sold 100,000 import copies, making it the largest selling import album of its time.

4. The cover of the London Calling album is a homage to Elvis’s Rock And Roll LP from 1956.

5. Joe Strummer was a big stamp collector while he was in school.

6. The Clash performed their first show as a band supporting The Sex Pistols.


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It’s International Guitar Month so the guitar love continues with guitars you can make at home, or, at least if you’re someone who has a way with paper.


By Mark Saul of Novel Brand

Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Okay, so maybe you’re not that skilled with paper. That’s okay, in 11 steps you can make yourself this cute Rockabye Baby DIY Guitar that you can actually play. Strum, strum!



Have you been missing our Why Babies Rule! series?

Don’t fret, we will bring it back. It’s not that we ran out of reasons… It’s just that some of our resident babies have moved into the toddler phase and it’s no longer about why our kids rule, it’s how they rule, if you catch my drift. Yeah, you get it. It’s their way or the highway.

So we’re looking to start another series that’s about you, dear parents, and what you can teach us.


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I’ll kick it off to get things started. Here’s one rocking parent tip that has seriously changed life in our household by eliminating one of the nastiest pests on earth: telemarketers.


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It’s spring, which is the time for new beginnings, so we’re revamping our ever popular “Name That Tune” Baby Shower game with a whole new set of songs to test your guests!

If you’ve forgotten, here’s how it’s done!

namethattune (2)

Number of Participants: 2 or more

What you need:

Paper and pen for each participant
Device with internet access and speakers
Our “Name That Tune” player below that includes 15-second clips of our most popular lullaby tunes.

1. Hand out a sheet of paper to each participant with the numbers 1-15 listed on each sheet.
2. Launch our playlist below, pause after each song and ask the participants to “Name That Tune” by writing down the name of the song and artist after the appropriate tune and number.
3. Once you’ve gone through the whole lullaby playlist and everyone’s guesses have been jotted down, call off the song titles and artists in order, asking each player to tally the number of songs they have guessed correctly.
4. The participant with the most correct song and artist answers wins! (Just what they win is completely up to you.)

We suggest having a few extra prizes on hand, too — you never know how many lullaby enthusiasts you’ll have in your crowd!

Maybe they’d like their own Rockabye Baby CD?



What would the world be without guitars? We don’t even want to think about it!

That’s why we’re celebrating International Guitar Month. We thought about showing you our staff’s guitar collection to commemorate the occasion, and, hey, maybe we still will later this month. But we noticed that you Rockabyers have a sweet tooth.

So we collected some of the sweetest axes you’ll ever see in one place. Ready for some guitars that are truly works of art in more ways than one? Check it.

 From the












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Mark your calendars! Lullaby Renditions of David Bowie arrives April 29.


Need to make some changes to baby’s bedtime? Don’t spend your golden years feeling sleep deprived. These dreamy versions of David Bowie’s best-loved songs will have your baby sound asleep in no time. A good night’s sleep is always in fashion.

1. Heroes
2. Changes
3. China Girl
4. Let’s Dance
5. Rebel Rebel
6. Fame
7. Golden Years
8. The Man Who Sold the World
9. Modern Love
10. Young Americans
11. Space Oddity
12. Life on Mars?


Listen to clips here and pre-order on iTunes!

Congratulations to our 5 winners who sent in their guesses to last week’s “Guess Who We’re Rockabye’ing Next?” giveaway:

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Jessica M.

Welcome Lullaby Renditions of The Clash!

Feeling overpowered by baby’s cries? If your little angel would rather rock the casbah then go straight to bed, let Rockabye Baby’s gentle versions of The Clash’s hits carry them off to dreamland. Sleep is calling.

1. Should I Stay or Should I GoMarch25_TheClash_AlbumArt
2. I Fought The Law
3. Rock the Casbah
4. Train in Vain
5. Rudie Can’t Fail
6. The Magnificent Seven
7. This is Radio Clash
8. London Calling
9. The Guns of Brixton
10. Police & Thieves
11. Lost in the Supermarket
12. Straight to Hell




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It’s Music in Our Schools Month and, coincidentally, my husband started teaching “orchestra” at my daughter’s preschool. It’s a volunteer gig — they already have a music teacher who comes once a week, not to mention the dance, cooking, and yoga classes. (Am I jealous of my daughter’s school day? Heck yes.)


A former band guy, he was going to go over with his guitar to sing some songs just once — sweet and simple. But he had so much fun playing for 30 three-year-olds that he asked the teachers if they could add his class to the monthly schedule. Next thing I know, he is purchasing 30 kazoos online.

And what started out as singing “Itsy Bitsy Spider” with backup has grown into an orchestra. The kids soon graduated from kazoos to harmonicas (or, at least some of them did; one little girl reported back that the harmonica was too hard). And last week, after a lesson on whistling and how to make music from a blade of grass, he took his trombone in, letting each kid have a turn trying to play it.


They also practiced marching and playing harmonica at the same time—I know this because I heard it happening, even though I was on the other side of the block at the time. It was that loud, and sounded a bit like the stomping of really sick elephants.

I’m proud to see my husband as a wannabe conductor for the snotty-nose sect. But I’m worried about what might be coming next. Cornets? Bassoons? A drumline? I don’t think the madman will stop ‘til he gets 76 trombones, even though his students are too small to carry even a single one.