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We know your babies are soothed by our tunes. Now the other “kids” (yeah, we know you like animation, too) will be equally charmed by our videos. See all the adventures our favorite bear goes on set to your favorite tunes!

Plus, you can download them for free to any of your devices. Will you be joining him in outer space or a tour of New York? No need to choose; get them all.






We’ve already discussed how YouTube is the greatest thing to happen to kid distraction since, I dunno, open flame? But the problem with YouTube is that sometimes videos aren’t what they seem, and you can start playing something for your child and end up RickRolled or worse.

Enter TotLOL - a juried video portal that uses parents to screen and categorize content that is appropriate for the younger set. Parents submit videos from YouTube that their kids enjoyed, and then a peer review group ensures that they’re good for the site. With hundreds of clips available, it’s Hulu for the diaper set. Great idea, but sadly the site is closing July 1. Check it out while you still can!

And parents, any suggestions for other sites that might fill the void?