A Pitbull and a Baby Walk Into a Lullaby:

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Our Lullaby Renditions of Pitbull have arrived! “Feel This Moment” and drift off quietly to sleep. Available on your preferred streaming service and in a beautiful CD package on our online store!


Recommended Reading!

Continuing our book club, we’re spending this month with Ruth Spiro’s fantastic Baby Loves Political Science: Democracy! This adorable board book provides an inclusive, nonpartisan look at how the election process works, intending to inspire the next generation of voters and leaders. Spiro’s excellent Baby Loves series uses vibrant colors and joyous visuals to illustrate and simplify difficult concepts. Now is a great time to teach our little ones about democracy and this book is perfect for the job!


Kids Love Kraftwerk!

Some children are too hip even without our help!

And if that’s not enough, these little robots might cheer you up!


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