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Lullaby Renditions of Pitbull

Did you know we released our Lullaby Renditions of Pitbull? You can stream it on your preferred streaming service, buy it in a beautiful CD package, or check out our animated shorts below! Your little one will be rocking to Mr. Worldwide in no time.



Rockabye Book Club: The Snowman

In Raymond Briggs’ touching, wordless, 1978 children’s book, The Snowman, a child makes their own best friend! While the parents are asleep, a curious snowman comes to life and each shares their world with the other. Beautifully illustrated and creatively told, The Snowman is a treasure we love. Better yet, the wonderful 1982 film version is introduced by rock icon David Bowie! (You can read more about that here.) Check it out and ease into winter with a warm little story.


Music For Your Dog

Did you know Rockabye Baby is great for soothing anxious pups? We’ve been added to a brand new playlist on Amazon: The Pack: Calming Music For Your Dog. It’s a doggy dogg world, so head over or stream below to give your furry friend a moment of rest!



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