Aero-wear for the Whole Family, Just In Time for Lullaby Renditions of Aerosmith!

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It's that time again! Lullaby Renditions of Aerosmith is out tomorrow, so it's Aerosmith week on the Rockabye Baby! Blog. Check back here daily for more Aero-fun, incuding a quiz, some cool videos and more! Are you getting ready to have our new CD playing around the clock? In honor of the release day (tomorrow!) we offer you some Aerosmith themed gear to outfit your little angel and you. How about a Walk This Way Onesie?

Want some Aerosmith gear for baby mama? We found this awesome maternity shirt. And since it's on Cafe Press, you can get the same images printed on bibs, onesies, baby shirts -- you name it.

Here's an Aerosmith messenger bag that would make a great diaper bag for Dad:

Listen to a sneak peek of Dream On here. Did we mention that Steven Tyler wrote the liner notes for our album? Oh, maybe only a few million times? Sorry, but you'd be braggin' too if the Demon of Screamin' was singing your praises!

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  • Hello BusyDad!

    Thanks for checking out our Aero-lullabies. We heart your blog. Readers, go to our links section to find it!

    Dream on…and on and on,
    Rockabye Baby!

    Rockabye Baby! on
  • OK, I just listened to the clips from this. You guys are NUTS. In an awesome way!!! LOVE the baby Aerosmith tunes. Sent my wife the link.

    BusyDad on
  • As a long-time fan of the Bad Boys from Boston (my hometown), I have to say that this is awesome! We’re thinking of having another baby. Aerosmith lullabies may just be the thing we needed to make this a mission.

    BusyDad on

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