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Article: Available Now: Lullaby Renditions of Rush

Available Now: Lullaby Renditions of Rush

At long last our first release of 2013 has finally arrived: Lullaby Renditions of Rush. Do you have a modern-day warrior putting up a fight at bedtime? Looking for a reliable way to put baby to sleep and not some fly by night sandman? Try Rockabye Baby's tender lullaby versions of Rush's hard rock hits. This magic music will bring your baby closer to the heart of slumberland. 1. 2112: Overture 2. Limelight 3. Fly by Night 4. The Spirit of Radio 5. Freewill 6. Tom Sawyer 7. Working Man 8. A Farewell to Kings 9. The Trees 10. Red Barchetta 11. Subdivisions 12. Closer to the Heart

Get your copy of Lullaby Renditions of Rush now!

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