Baby’s a Bowie

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It’s just a theory but I’m starting to wonder if most rock legends took their style cues from a three-year-old. Because my kid pulls together some wildly theatrical ensembles and poses in them, well, like a rock star.


With her tangled mess of ratty-around-the-edges blonde hair, Debbie Harry and Courtney Love ’dos are cinches. Plus, there’s the shared appreciation with Love (circa 1990) of torn baby-doll dresses, tights, high heels and tiaras. If I let her borrow the red lipstick she begs for, the resemblance is enough to make me worry.

I much prefer when my baby girl favors the flair of Sir Elton, with capes, plumes, and light-up sunglasses of the super heroine type. It’s Rocket Man meets Rocket Girl and her wholehearted embrace of his stage wardrobe gives me hope that my girl might grow up and be a truly fabulous gay man. But her love of long layers, high kicks, and scarves suggest another influence — more rocker, less Captain Fantastic: think Mick Jagger, Steven Tyler, and David Lee Roth. And like them, she’ll wear spandex for any occasion, so that she can be aerial-bound in a second. Ultimately, though, I think her patron saint of dress-up has got to be Bowie, the ultimate oddity in rock’n’roll style, who has enough sparkly glamour (and high enough heels) to keep a little girl interested. First, there’s the shared love of face paint, leotards and the need for endless costume ch-ch-changes. Then, there’s the fact that she’s been asking for a mullet haircut, colored pink and baby blue. Fine by me, I’ll take Major Tom over Cinderella any day.

For all your kids’ wardrobe changes, make sure you have the right soundtrack. :)

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