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Article: Baby Shower Gift of the Week: A Clean House

baby shower gift

Baby Shower Gift of the Week: A Clean House

Baby Shower Gift of the Week: A Clean HouseIn our ongoing series, we try to recommend baby shower gifts that moms and dads will truly need (or love). Who wants more superfluous stuff cluttering up their house? Today's baby shower gift idea is definitely something every new parent will be thrilled to have: A clean house. After a baby is born, a home can be thrown into chaos. New parents have no time, no sleep, an empty fridge, and far too many visitors. Some of the guests will help cook and clean, but most are just stopping by for a quick visit to ooh and ahh at the bundle of joy. Cleaning will be the last thing the new family has time for. We propose to either offer your own services for a day of cleaning -- or -- give a gift certificate for a great housekeeper. Merry Maids offers gift cards and has locations nationwide. Check your local listings for a cleaning service near you. Make sure to do an internet search for reviews from other customers to avoid disreputable companies. We're pretty sure you will win the new family's eternal gratitude with this one.

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