Baby Shower Gift Of The Week: Miracle Blanket

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Is there anything more fun than a new baby? In this new weekly feature, I'll present some must-have baby items for new parents, based on my experience and those of my parent friends. If you're putting together a baby registry for your new one, or you have a friend expecting, we'll give you everything you need. This week's baby shower gift pick is the Miracle Blanket. Sleep is one of the most precious commodities for a new parent, and anything that can keep the little one sawing logs for even fifteen more minutes is a very valuable investment indeed. I loved the Miracle Blanket - sure, it looks something like a psychiatric restraint, but this oddly-shaped swaddler was the absolute best thing for my son when he was little. Since new babies have absolutely no motor control, they tend to smack themselves in the face when they're sleeping. By swaddling them, you prevent accidental thwacks and let them make the most of their downtime - by association, letting the new parents make the most of it as well.   P.S. Don't forget to enter to win our new Lullaby Renditions of Queen CD!

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