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Article: Baby Shower Gift Of The Week: Netflix

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Baby Shower Gift Of The Week: Netflix


Is there anything more fun than a new baby? In this new weekly feature, I'll present some must-have baby items for new parents, based on my experience and those of my parent friends. If you're putting together a registry for your new one, or you have a friend expecting, we'll give you everything you need. The first year of your baby's life, you are going to become a very horrible sleeper. Especially before they adjust to a diurnal schedule, newborns are awake and asleep whenever they damn well please, and either Mama or Papa has to be up with them, come hell or high water. And, for the most part, you can't really do anything with them but hold them, change them, burp them and comfort them. As much as you love your little new addition, this can get real boring, real fast, especially at three in the morning. One thing that kept us sane? Netflix. The ubiquitous movie delivery service gave each of us something to feed our weary eyes during those late-night vigils, helping us feel a little more like adults and less like caregiving robots. For a baby shower gift, consider giving a year's gift subscription to Netflix - the three-disk plan is good to run with. Make some suggestions for the queue in the card and sit back knowing that you've done a truly good thing.

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Kudos, kudos! This is a WONDERFUL idea for a baby shower gift!


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