Baby Shower Gift Of The Week: Phil & Ted’s MeToo High Chair

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This week's gift isn't one that the new parents will get use out of right away, but when the time comes for the new hire to sit at the table and eat like a higher primate, it's invaluable. High chairs are a constant conundrum - they take up a sizable footprint in your dining area, always need to be shuffled around the table, and are not very portable. Well, the best solution we found is the clever and crafty MeToo high chair from Phil & Ted's.  It clips to the edge of just about any table, putting the young one at the same level as their parents and encouraging family bonding. Plus it folds flat and can be brought just about anywhere you go. After you get over the initial panic of your precious baby not being, you know, on the floor, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

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