Bear-y Christmas, Nap-py Holidays Giveaway!

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Only two more days to enter in our Bear-y Christmas, Nap-py Holiday Giveaway Extravaganza! Congratulations to yesterday's winners: Rebecca Manzella, Kate Mullassery and Michael Mathiowetz will be gifted Lullaby Renditions of Bob Marley. Lauraleigh Shealey, Lauren Alperstein and Debbie Monaco will be gifted Lullaby Renditions of Dave Matthews Band. Thank you all so much for participating.
Have you been entering each of our daily giveaways? Each day you do you're automatically entered to win Friday's grand prize. Need a reminder?
Grand Prize Lullaby Renditions of The Flaming Lips on Vinyl A Rockabye Baby Adult Shirt plus a Onesie or Toddler T Three Rockabye Baby CDs: Lullaby Renditions of Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Prince Rockabye Baby Tattoos and Stickers One box of 12 Rockabye Baby Holiday Greeting Cards Today's task: Answer the question "What's one holiday tradition you grew up with that you want to share with your baby?" Post in the comment field below by 8 pm PST to be entered to win today's prize - Lullaby Renditions of Van Halen and Friday's grand prize! Be sure to use a valid email address so we can contact you if you've won! Today's three winners will be announced tomorrow in our next giveaway post. Good luck! If you're a Van Halen fan, remember to check out these other great lullaby renditions.   

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  • When I was a kid, every Christmas Eve we would make fresh cookies for Santa in the afternoon. Then we would go to Christmas Eve Mass, come home and open 1 present each to make room for Santa’s gift. We’d leave the fresh cookies and some milk out, then go to bed. We have incorporated my husband’s family tradition of going to Disneyland Christmas Eve, too, so we make the cookies the day before but otherwise, we plan on doing all of the above. Christmas Eve will be super busy so Chriatmas Day will be for relaxing and watching the Disney Christmas Day Parade on TV with family.

    Christi on
  • One of the holiday traditions I would pass on is the extended family get-together for christmas eve dinner.

    Jason on
  • and some yummy and some yummy snack

    Alicia Merlino on
  • Growing up (Australia, Adelaide 31C/81F) in a large family and sharing Christmas Day with my extended family, it was always tradition to hold a water balloon fight after lunch. Everyone from Nanna & Pop down to the youngest niece/nephew was given a bag of balloons. It was such a fun simple activity with laughs shared by everybody.

    Olivia on
  • Growing up the family would all come to my Grandma’s house on Christmas Eve. There we would have dinner, exchange gifts, and visit. Before the evening was over we would watch a video of home movies showing my Grandma, Grandpa, Dad and his siblings. It ranged from swimming at the lake to the school Christmas play with my dad as a wise man with his leather beard. Every year we dreaded having to watch “the video”, but every year we couldn’t wait to sit as a family to watch it. My Grandma passed Thanksgiving 2 years ago, this February will be my 2nd without Dad, and the family no longer comes together like it did. My 2 youngest kids will never get to meet the loving, wonderful stars of this home movie in person, but my oldest can revisit his grandpa every year through it. And my little ones, they will have stories to hear about them, and a video to show them.

    Keri Beutel on

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