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Article: Before They Were Rock Stars Quiz: Aerosmith


Before They Were Rock Stars Quiz: Aerosmith

In honor of our new arrival, Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Aerosmith, which came out yesterday, we prepared a new Before They Were Rock Stars quiz for all you rock lullaby trivia masters. This one focuses on The Bad Boys from Boston, when they were literally boys. Leave your answers in the comments and next week we'll let you know if you were right!

TRUE or FALSE? Leave your answers in the comments:
  1. Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler was born Stephen Victor Tallarico in Boston, Mass.
  2. He got his nickname "Demon Of Screamin'" because he cried so loud when he was a baby.
  3. In his teens, Steven held a job in a bakery.
  4. Guitarist Joe Perry and Steven Tyler met at an ice cream parlor where young Joe was working.
  5. Before Aerosmith, Joe Perry was in a band with Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton called The Peanut Butter and Jam Band.
  6. Drummer Joey Kramer joined Aerosmith while he was still a teenager.
  7. Before he joined Aerosmith, guitarist Brad Whitford was in a band called Justin Thyme.
P.S. Listen to a sneak peek of our lullaby rendition of Dream On here. Did we mention that Steven Tyler wrote the liner notes for our album? Oh, maybe only a few million times? Sorry, but you'd be braggin' too if the Demon of Screamin' was singing your praises! P.P.S. Try our Dream On Green Beans, a healthy baby food recipe created exclusively for Rockabye Baby! by excutive chef Jeff Parker.

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