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Article: Before They Were Rockstars Quiz: AC/DC


Before They Were Rockstars Quiz: AC/DC

It's a long way to the top if you want to rock 'n' roll. Are these stories about AC/DC before they were rockstars TRUE or FALSE? Leave your answers in the comments!
  1. Australia's AC/DC was founded by two Scottish brothers, Angus and Malcolm Young.
  2. There were nine siblings in the Young family.
  3. Angus began learning the guitar at five years old, practicing on a banjo he'd re-strung like a guitar.
  4. Angus' sister Margaret suggested he wear a school boy uniform on stage, because he didn't like school.
  5. Before the uniform became his trademark, Angus performed dressed as Spider Man and in a gorilla costume.
  6. Margaret also suggested the band's name, which stands for Alternating Current/Direct Current, after she read it on their sister's sewing machine.
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