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Article: Calling All Rockabye Groupies CLOSED

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Calling All Rockabye Groupies CLOSED

CLOSED! Thank you so much to everyone who participated! Winners coming soon! Mondays just got a lot cooler. Today we're giving away a Rockabye Groupie Package (we know you'll dig) to 3 lucky winners.

For your chance to win this prize package, all you have to do is answer this question:

Why do you think Rockabye Baby rocks?

Post your answer in the comments* section below by 7 pm PDT today and 3 of you will be randomly selected to win a Rockabye Groupie Package that includes a Rockabye Baby toddler T-shirt, adult T-shirt and stickers! Has your Godfathers of Rock Gift Set made you fall in love with your favorite bands all over again? Can your toddler finally make it through a long car drive without shedding a tear? Tell us for your chance to win the Rockabye Baby Groupie Package. Good luck! *Please use a valid email when you enter your comment, so we can contact you if you're selected as a winner.


I LOVE the idea of rocking out with my little man! Everytime he is fussy, its amazing to throw on some Metallia and jam together until he falls back asleep!

Ashley Cart

Rockabye baby rocks because without it my youngest daughter wouldn’t be able to sleep. We play an extensive playlist throughout the night on our iPod. You’ve saved my sanity through the “up all night” & “the terrible twos” stages. My soul thanks you for that.

Alicia Leo

My son gets to listen to all of the music that I listened to as a child and now in a new way. It also puts him and his papaw asleep listening to Pink Floyd

Andrea Harger

I teach kindergarten. I love using the RockaBye Baby CDs for rest time and when I want my students to work quietly. They are wonderful!!


It lets the children listen to the greats. I love them all I have almost every cd. I use them in my classroom during naptime at my job.

Samantha Dixon

Rockabye baby rocks because you can sing along to cool songs and not have to worry about getting a cheesy lullaby stuck in your head for hours!

Corey R

Rockabye baby rocks because my son can rock out while I sing the words and he can think I’m a rockstar

Heather C.

rockabye baby rocks because i dont have to lose my mind listening to crap like barney or disney songs- these cd’s are awesome!!

elaine galante

I am thrilled that I can listen to The Ramones with my 4 week old little boy! I like to think I am helping shape his musical taste for years to come.

Stephanie Howard

Introduced my son to “my” music using rockabye baby renditions. He is now 3 and still listens to them. Love!

Gina Herrera

RockaBye Baby is so wonderful. It gives baby the peaceful, melodic sounds to sooth them, while giving the parents the familiar rock sounds that does not bore them to sleep. It’s awesome to play while middle school students work, as well.


Music is magic. And what you do here is pure magic. The fact that you guys gives us the parents the tools to soothe,teach and have fun with our children,and at the same time do it to the great music that inspired us during our lives?? is just simply awesome!! I recommend it to all the parents that I know,because plain and simple…Rockabye Baby ROCKS!

Joehanley Rodriguez

Its the only music that calms my fussy 6 month old! Stops her dead in her tracks and puts a smile on her face :)

Luis Ramirez

What’s better than listening to the music you love and sharing it with your kids so they can grow up with an appreciation of the same music!


The best is when my husband and I exchange a look because we’re both thinking “I love this song!”. It’s a sweet lullaby for our children but for us it’s an awesome memory!


My little man loves listening to PROPER music! Forget baby tv! He can listen to the same stuff as he heard when he was in mummy’s tummy…..that she sang very loudly in the car….!!


My husband bought me the Smashing Pumpkins CD from you, it has been a favorite bedtime CD for my 6 year old son, and now that I’m expecting again, we play it on my stomach for the new baby to hear. Love feeling the litte one kick along with the music! I’m sure he will come out loving The Pumpkins as much as his mom!

Katy Q

Both my 2 month old loves to listen to our old favorites. It makes children’s music cool again.


Rockabye Baby combines my two favorite things…my favorite music made awesome and my little one!! It’s the best around and the only thing that works!!

Leigh Anne Miller

My daughter has a hard time calming down for a nap. But when I play Journey’s Dont stop believing, she is calm and ready for some zzz’s. Thank you Rockabye Baby!

Stevie Blair

I think Rockbye Baby rocks because now the adults and kids can enjoy music together and parents can introduce their kids to the music of our generations at an early age =)

Debbie H

You guys rock because you have a Tool CD for little ones!


My son LOVES Elvis, and lots of other amazing classic rock, at the tender age of 16 months. I’m sure its because we rocked out to Rock A Bye Baby when he was born!


I know Rockabye Baby Rocks because my little guys breaks it down to your tunes. We own No Doubt & Madonna currently & he shakes what his mommy gave him like a baby boss :)Keep doin’ what your doin’!

Raine Marie

Rockabye baby rocks, because it is a great way to introduce baby to our favourite rock songs while still being age appropriate.
Rockabye baby also rocks because we enjoy listening to lullabies made from our favourite rock songs, as opposed to annoying things that we don’t want to hear.
Love Rockabye baby!

Alex R.

I love that I can share my favorite music with my little one, with the added benefit of helping her relax and sleep! Rockabye rocks because it’s music we can both enjoy :)

Lindsey Harper

I love rockabye baby because it makes listening to lullabies fun :)

Jennifer Ivy

Why i Think Rockabye baby rocks my sock.. I Got first album for my son from a friend , that one was the no doubt one.. and from there i was hooked. my sons hooked he wont go to sleep without. i also love these album because your bringing out song that i love and my son can also enjoy without the lyrics :)

Shawna Thompson

I don’t even have kids, but have gotten quite a few for me to listen to. I love hearing my favorites done a whole new way, and this way they become pleasant background noise to clean the house to, or read to, or just relax to! Also, RB lets me sing along however I want to! And sometimes I give as gifts, just so my girlfriends can keep listening to their favorites even with the little ones listening too! Rockabye Baby Rox!


quite simply, because it has saved MANY a car ride… just brilliant.

chris king

Rockabye Baby rocks because, unlike traditional baby tunage, they actually settle down my four-month-old headbanger. They’re also more sonically complex than “Baa Baa, Blacksheep,” and therefore better for developing brains. After a steady diet of rock in utero, why should little man and parents settle for less once he’s born? It’s also good because some of the lyrics to Mom and Dad’s favorites aren’t quite fit for little ears and learning tongues, but that doesn’t mean the accompanying music isn’t.


Rockabye Baby is awesome because it lets you introduce a new generation to some of the greatest music ever made.


rockabye baby rocks because if i’m going to get a lullabye stuck in my head, at least it can be one of my favourite tunes!


We think this is a fantastic way to introduce our child to great music – it’s a fantastic concept, and even better execution :)

Chris and Tim

There is different music for different emotions, so you can go through the list of CDs and the kid will always agree to (at least) one of them. That’s cool.


Because the nursery songs drive you nuts after repeating 20 times an hour!


You saved me a lot of hsasle just now.


We received our first Rockabye CD for our shower, and can’t wait to play it for our little girl when she arrives some time in the next three weeks!


My first niece’s favorite band when she was a baby was The Smashing Pumpkins… if I had known about this site then, I would have definitely bought the CD! I learned my lesson, and my new niece will soon be getting a Rockabye CD (but picking one is incredibly hard).


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