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Article: Cinco De Mayo Baby Gear

baby clothing

Cinco De Mayo Baby Gear

Everyone loves to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, including your child. Well, what better way to get into the mood than to adorn your kid with some great holiday-themed clothing that celebrates Mexican heritage and culture? Here are some gems that your kid will love: American Mexican Bib This cotton bib tells the world that while their heart remains Uncle Sam's, they can't forget their Mexican heritage. It comes in three colors, and is washable. Baby Bean/ Frijolito Infant Creeper When it comes to creepers, cotton is a baby's best friend. This stylish version features a baby bean all wrapped up in a tortilla, much like a baby bunting. This creeper comes in three colors and three sizes. Child's Poncho Because nothing says festive like a traditional Mexican poncho. Available in child sizes, this colorful cloth is easily washable and will inspire all around your child to break out in hat dances. Tacos Rule Toddler T-Shirt Let your toddler's friends know how much they love tacos with this cotton T-shirt. Available in three sizes, and imported, this shirt will definitely get your kid in the mood to celebrate, or at least to eat tacos!

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