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Article: Congratulations To Our Aerosmith CD Winners!


Congratulations To Our Aerosmith CD Winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered to win a copy of our newest release, Lullaby Renditions of Aerosmith. There are plenty of reasons to love Aerosmith, but luckily we were able to narrow down the entries to ten winners:
  1. Monique Martinez
  2. Dale Peterson
  3. Stephanie L
  4. Drucifer
  5. Heather
  6. Kathleen
  7. Heather J
  8. Irene
  9. Kelly Tirman
  10. Jenn Krabi
Didn't win a CD? Click here to buy a copy and preview song clips from the album!


THANK YOU PANDORA! I have a “kids channel” for my son (he is almost 3) on my Droid, and we listen to it through the van’s speakers and “Angel” by Aerosmith came on … but in lullaby form. How awesome!


Thanks, Kathleen! Congratulations on a well-deserved win. We are so happy to hear you like the CD!

Rockabye Baby!

I received my CD yesterday and have listened to it several times with my son. It is really a lovely compilation and I will be buying a copy for my nephew for Christmas because it’s that good!


Dear Jamison,
Yay for Pandora! Thanks for visiting and saying howdy. We’re happy you like our Aerosmith lullabies. Check out the whole album. Steven Tyler wrote the liner notes!

Rockabye Baby!

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