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Article: Cool Blogs & Sites:

Cool Blogs & Sites

Cool Blogs & Sites:

Are your kids old enough that they know you're probably spending a bit too much time on the computer while they're stuck watching the same SpongeBob episodes again? Well, maybe it's time to get your kids online. Yes, it's scary, but that's what that parental control panel on your computer is for. After restricting pretty much everything, head over to to set up an account for your kids. Right after creating an account for your child, you can select the age group for them to view other kids, from 0-10, and start uploading your child's pictures or write about their favorite toys, anything that tells the world who your child is becoming. They're able to completely customize their profile, with your help of course, and they can add elements like video and music to their page as well. There are even coloring pages to print, jokes, poems, games and more to keep their attention. For the kid who loves music, there are tons of fan groups for acts like Justin Beiber, Hannah Montana, and Taylor Swift that any of the 15,000 members can join. There's even a gardening game for the future green thumbs of the world. Head over to today to get your kid started in the world of 0's and 1's today.

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Nice website about kids games and activities.

Online Kids ACtvities

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