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Article: Cool Blogs & Sites: Smarter Babies and Kids

Baby Blog

Cool Blogs & Sites: Smarter Babies and Kids

Smarter Babies and Kids is a website aimed at people looking to be the most informed parents on their cul-de-sac. Featuring posts on daily parenting topics, such as behavior, fun events, upcoming holidays, and more, this blog aims to give moms and dads all the information they need about anything related to raising a child. There is a lot of information on important product recalls that can affect your child, as well as a section to find rebates and coupons on baby and toddler gear to save you money. Merchants who sell baby or child gear can register to list their products on the site, and the site is international, with branches in China, Japan, and Korea. A branch of the main "Smarter Blogs" family, which focuses on good buys for many different categories of products, the Baby Blog is dedicated to parenting and families. The main blogger, Heidi, has great tips on topics like baby sunscreen, alleviating teething pains, flying with kids, paying for college, and even what to do in case of divorce. All that, plus fun facts on strange baby names like Shanda Lear, daughter of the Lear jet founders.

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