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zooglobble_2color_a_CROPsmall.jpgAs the story goes, Stephan Shepherd's wife was asked to edit the newsletter for her parenting group. At one point, she asked her hubby to add some reviews of kids' music. Months later, ZooGlobble emerged from the "internets" as one of the best kids' music blogs out there. Taking a quick jump over to ZooGlobble yields a plethora of kids bands and some great snippets of their tunes. The blog is very well set up, even breaking down each post by age-appropriateness, from 0-double digits. There's a lot of great polls, even tour reports (SXSW has a kids band stage?), and some great industry news overall. Word also has it that Shepherd does a bit of promoting and gets some good bands to come to his hometown of Phoenix. Grab your kid and log on to ZooGlobble now for the latest and greatest in the world of kids' tunes.

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