Festivals for Kids: Gulfport Florida's Gecko Fest

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Every year on Labor Day weekend, Gulfport, FL  hosts a huge parade and street festival with tons of local music and activities for kids. Hailed as one of the best festivals of the summer by many top publications, the Gecko Fest has been a family favorite for years. People describe it as a "family-oriented Mardi Gras, Renaissance Faire, and British Loony Party gone Gecko in Gulfport, Florida." Attendees wear Gecko hats, fish hats, colorful hats, and costumes to celebrate the many colors of Geckos. Visitors are invited to bring along drums, rattles, noise makers, kazoos, musical instruments, balloons, even decorated umbrellas. You can actually join in the parade or be a spectator. Located on Beach Blvd in Gulfport, FL, the festivities start on September 4th. Performers will include belly dancers, pirates, fire show, drum circle, clowns, mimes, magicians, local music and more. Admission and parking is free, so no excuses if you're a stone's throw from Gulfport. For further information, call 727-322-5217 or visit the official site. More details will be announced as the weekend gets closer.

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