Find The Turkey!

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With Thanksgiving well on its way, we've got a special visitor strutting around our Rockabye website . . .

The Rockabye Baby bear and his turkey friend are inseparable this time of year-two peas in a pod throughout the month of November. Trouble is, they sneak away from us from time to time and today in particular, we're having a little trouble, well, locating them. But with your help, we think we can track them down. So, round up your search party, and track down those critters! Help us find the Rockabye Bear and his turkey sidekick and you could win some sweet tunes from us. Bear and Turkey Hunt Instructions: Search Rockabye Baby's website for our missing bear and turkey. If you come across those two gobblers, click on them for further instructions on how to report them as found. Winners: The first three people to find our bear and turkey will receive one Rockabye Baby CD of their choice! The next fifteen people to find them after that will each receive one free download courtesy of Rockabye Baby.

Good luck hunting, folks! Here are some Rockabye Baby tunes to keep you company during your hunt.

"Start Me Up" (The Rolling Stones)

"Hunter" (Björk)

"I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" (U2)

"Everything's Not Lost" (Coldplay)


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  • never mind i just found them!!!

    elizabeth on
  • man, i had no luck and i went over the site with a fine tooth comb
    i so wanted to win, well keep up the fun games i always check out your website for new cds and amazing deals, I am just 3 cds away from owning EveryCD

    elizabeth on
  • I’m looking!!!!

    Stella on

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