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Article: "For Those About To Nap, We Salute You"


"For Those About To Nap, We Salute You"

We open the week with another guest blogger, Horrible Housewife Mallery Schuplin, whose loyalties lie with the band whose tunes shook her "all night long". . . 

When you think anthems, which rock band comes to mind? I am talking about the put your fist in the air and rock out hard type of band, the type of band that gets your blood pumping and body moving. I really hope you said AC/DC because that was the correct answer. I have never known a band to bring together all types of people in all different types of situations like AC/DC does. The older crowd can relate to them since the band was formed in 1973, and the college kids think "Thunderstruck" is the world's best drinking game. AC/DC acts as a universal language for all rock lovers -- our babies included! The lullabies on Lullaby Renditions of AC/DC  are sure to bring forth some interesting memories as it has all of your favorites on it. "For those about to nap, we salute you." I would have to say that is the best line ever. My son, Michael, is 9 months old now, and boy, does he want to just rock out all day long! I salute anything that makes naptime easier on Mom's ears and anything that gets an energetic boy to fall asleep!

What's your lullaby anthem? Every snooze counts.

Mallery Schuplin, Horrible Housewife Grand Blanc, MI

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