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Article: Future Rock Stars Training in L.A.

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Future Rock Stars Training in L.A.

Thinking that your child may have the gift of rock? Well maybe you should look into sending them to school to be trained by real rock musicians. Rock Stars in Training is a school based in Los Angeles that gives children a chance to learn music from recording artists and performers. Songs from all decades are covered and your kids get to play along with talented artists. The classes are for children 0-4 and the kids will learn the basics of tone and pitch by singing along. Instruments such as guitar, banjo, keyboards, percussion and more are introduced to the class. Kids will have a chance play along with the lessons. Twin sisters Lauren and Dana, who are in the band Malibu Storm, started the school. Lauren's husband Dr. Marc Milstein, along with the twins, created and developed the educational enrichment program. Check out a video of their band here. There is even the option to pull together a group of kids and have the classes come to you. Online enrollment is available at here. They're available for birthday parties, which can be tailored to 6-11 year olds as well.

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