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Article: Gifts for Dad


Gifts for Dad

Thinking Dad needs a few more gifts under the tree? Perhaps he'd like one (or ten) of these suggestions:



These chopstick drumsticks are perfect for the father who loves some air drumming. $11.99.



 And while he's in the kitchen, Dad might enjoy some toast from the Darth Vader Bread Imprinting Toaster. $54.99.


 Even flipping burgers can make Dad feel like a rock star with this cool spatula. $14.



If Dad wants to look rugged while toting the diapers, consider this broken-in canvas backpack from the Sundance catalog. $98.



This unique wallet features a brown leather exterior with a world map (or soccer) interior, and it comes in a gorgeous tin. $45.




Help Dad keep track of Junior. The Kid Finder remote tracking system lets you track distance and direction up to 90 meters. $92. 


Whether Dad likes his mix tapes as a flash drive ($14.99)...




...or a tie made from recycled audio cassette tape ($120), we've got him covered.


Whether or not he's a sport fanatic, there's no way Dad can deny the beauty of this handmade football. $138.


These bottle opener cuff links will help Dad make the most of his time once the babysitter arrives. $49.99.



Excellent products that remind parents that old toys, games etc…are just as fun as they were decades ago.

Please let me know when the out of stock football and baseball are back in stock to purchase. Thanks Clark Pennell


Thanks for reading, Clark!!


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