Gifts That Keep On Giving: One Laptop Per Child

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  Are you considering purchasing a computer for your child? Why not give one to somebody else as well? You may have heard about the One Laptop Per Child project - a massively funded charitable organization that is endeavoring to distribute computers to children in undeveloped nations to help them reach a higher level of technological competency and participate in the global job market. After many years of development, the laptop is now on the market, and it's pretty great. The XO retails for $399, which includes not only the machine for your household, but also one donated to a kid elsewhere in the world. And you get a lot for the money - the durable, wireless-enabled machines run a proprietary operating system called Sugar that comes loaded with programs to make art, music, science experiments and more. We have one in our house and I give it my highest possible recommendation, both as a piece of hardware and as a moral choice.

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  • i’m confused as to how we formerly could not afford school books or supplies or food for developing countries but now there is “massive funding” for computers? i mean, i agree, computer skills are necessary to compete in the global market, and internet connectivity can help make up for gaps in education and social education resources, but this concerns me. fancy electronics are never a good substitute for actual human interaction.

    kitty on
  • wow that’s a really cool idea!

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