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Article: GIVEAWAY: Name That Birthday Babe

"the voice"

GIVEAWAY: Name That Birthday Babe

CLOSED! Congrats to our winner Ramona W.! Is it me, or does everyone have a birthday this month?  Elvis, Dave Matthews, Jimmy Page, Dave Grohl [link when post up]. Man! Okay, so not everyone but a lot of awesome people were born in January. And just when I thought the birthday bombardment was slowing down, I hear about this guy's birthday. . .

But who is he?!


Here's a hint: He's known to many as "The Voice."

Post your guess in the comments below by Sunday, January 26, 8 PM PST, and share on Facebook and Twitter for extra entries, for the chance to win a copy of our lullaby renditions of the stud above plus a CD choice of your own in our random draw.

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Billie Joe from Green Day?


Is it Journey’s Steve Perry?

Megan B

It’s Journey’s Steve Perry :)

Jesi C

Steve Perry

Jennifer K

Steve Perry!

Dawn C

Steve perry

Gita prasad

Steve Perry

Kelly Jester

Steve perry! 65 years old today

Hanna Jacob

Steve Perry :)

heather hess

Since my sons name is Journey, I better be right in saying Steve Perry :)

Amanda Johnson

Steve Perry

Sarah Clark

Oh Sherrie, it’s Steve Perry! Happy birthday, Steve!

Melissa Nicnick

Steve Perry

Lisa Miller



Steve Perry

Celia Gatti

Steve Perry

Cindy A.

Steve Perry :)

Melissa Easton

Steve Perry

Margy Hall

Steve Perry!


Steve Perry


Steve Perry

LaDonna Oltmanns

Steve Perry

Ramona Wright

Steve Perry!


Steve perry

Christy Roberts

Steve Perry!

Stephanie Williams

Steve Perry from Journey

Katie Swartz

Gary Tibbs?




steve perry, love journey :)

jenn mcclearn

Steve Perry of Journey ♡♡♡

Jamie C

Steve Perry


Steve Perry!

Beverly searles

Frank Sinatra

Denis Vogt

Steve Perry


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