GIVEAWAY: Question of the Day: What’s the Hardest Thing About Being a Grown-Up?

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Don’t you have those moments when you just wish you were a kid again? Lying on the floor in public places . . . Peeing in your pants . . . Talking to yourself . . . Screaming loudly just because you felt like it, anywhere, anytime . . . Grown-ups just can’t do those things and have it considered normal behavior. What do you really miss? See what people at Rockabye Baby HQ had to say and to enter this week’s giveaway, tell us:   What do you think is the hardest part about being a grown-up? Post your answer in the comments below by April 15 at 6 pm PT to be entered to win this grown-up bundle: one (1) Rockabye Baby! mug and one (1) Adult Organic Cotton T-shirt. One winner will be selected.


I think the practicalities of being an adult can sometimes trump the wonder and endless imagination you have as a child, it’s a little bit of work to keep that front and center but worth the effort. —Hannah The hardest part of being a grown-up is: I can’t eat Frosted Flakes, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with Fritos, Mallomars, Fluffernutters, Screaming Yellow Zonkers, Sara Lee brownies, frosted brown sugar Pop Tarts, and fried-chicken TV dinners and actually function. —Lisa Yeah I’d have to say the hardest part of being an adult is trading carefree innocence for responsibility.  Things like slowing metabolism, paying taxes, filling multiple roles (spouse, employee, child, parent, sibling, friend, etc.) can really wear you down. —Chrissy The hardest part about growing up, and I'm learning a lot especially lately, is that time marches on no matter how badly you'd like it to slow down — even just for a little bit. Savoring every good moment when I recognize it gets more and more important the older I get. Wanting everything to move faster or come quicker isn't something I'm concerned about too much anymore. —Stacie The hardest part about being an adult are the expectations, both the ones society places upon you and the ones you place upon yourself. When you’re a kid, you’re expected to screw up and make mistakes, because that’s how you learn, but you aren’t always afforded that when you’re a grown-up. And being a grownup woman, the expectations are even worse — we have to look young, but act mature; we have to have babies, but aren’t allowed to gain any weight; we have to be fiercely independent, but not too much or it’ll scare people. It’s exhausting! —Sarah

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  • It has to be not getting any easter eggs at Easter just because I’m a ‘Grown Up’. The girl still loves chocolate- it’s just no fair!

    esther james on
  • The hardest part of being a grown-up is having to pay bills and being responsible for your children and trying to raise them as happy, healthy young persons.

    Sharon Howard on
  • The hardest part about being a parent of babies and little ones is sleep deprivation!!

    Nicole on
  • I’d say taxes as well. They seem like so much, and they seem to do so little.

    Jennifer on
  • Having to pay for everything! You never think of bills when you’re little, no cat payments, utility bills, coupons or grocery shopping!

    Leslie Thomas on

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