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Article: Great Kid Bands – Da Hip Hop Raskalz

da hip hop raskalz

Great Kid Bands – Da Hip Hop Raskalz

Dave Soldier is one of my favorite ambassadors of the world of music. He travels the world working with pretty much every kind of person (and animal - the man has recorded and released a CD of elephant music) in the world, and the results of his experiments are universally fantastic.

One of the best is the CD he developed with East Harlem grade school students. Soldier teaches the kids every step of the recording process, from drum programming and sampling to lyric writing and rapping. The results are spectacular, professional-sounding joints with amazing lyrics about candy, dinosaurs, and life in New York City. I can't recommend it highly enough.

For more info, visit:

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Da Hip Hop Raskals are the greatest! Do yourself a favor and go check out the MPs on the site linked above. Chickenwing is our new favorite song!

Rockabye Baby!

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