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Article: Great Kid Bands – Jr. And His Soulettes

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Great Kid Bands – Jr. And His Soulettes


For every Jackson Five that comes from the diabolical union of a Svengali father and a group of musically talented offspring, there's a dozen other kid bands that don't make it. One of my all-time favorites is Jr. & His Soulettes, a sibling quartet from Oklahoma.



The oldest member of the group, Harold Moore Jr, gets top billing, and his guitar plucking isn't bad for a pre-teen as he leads his three sisters (on drums, bass and "waw-waw organ") through fourteen original songs including the immortal "Thing, Do The Creep" and "Momma Love Tequila."



Only three hundred copies of the album were pressed in 1971, and legend has it most of them were ruined from being shrinkwrapped on a meatpacking machine! Thankfully, a CD reissue bubbled up from the underground for all true fans of garage kid funk.



Listen here.


good post =)

mireya juliet

That’s a great idea, Erica! Love that song. Did you see the video of Alice performing with the muppets on one of our first blog posts? Check it out!

Rockabye Baby!

I think you should do Alice Coopers “School’s Out Forever”

Erica Koesler

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