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Article: Great Kid Bands – Old Skull

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Great Kid Bands – Old Skull



Punk rock is tailor-made for kids to play - it's a lot easier to bash out one-chord anthems when you're hopped up on Sugar Smacks (as opposed to the other kind). The greatest prepubescent punk band of all time, of course, was Madison, Wisconsin's legendary Old Skull.


 Founded by ten year old J.P. Toulon and his nine year old brother Jamie, the pair recruited two friends and released the band's debut, "Get Outta Skool" in 1989. Unfortunately, drummer Graham Lindsey's parents gave him a month of detention for playing with the band without their permission, and the group split up soon after.


Tackling issues from homelessness to hot dogs, rumors swirled that the Toulon brothers had a little ghostwriting help from their father Vern, but the inept sludge punk was 100% kid-generated.


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