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What can I say about Guitar Hero? I'm from the generation that grew up with video games, so I don't see them as some kind of awful bogeyman that corrupts the hearts and fingers of our kids, but even I am impressed by the news that music games are inspiring more children to pick up real instruments.   Now there may be benefits for us grown-ups too - former Blondie drummer Clem Burke has announced a study to investigate the health benefits of playing the simulated drums in Guitar Hero: World Tour, to see if the physical exercise of jamming on the virtual skins can help treat obesity and other conditions. Sounds good to me! Read more here:

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  • I can’t enough of guitar hero! I’m a drummer myself, but this made me want to go out and learn to play the guitar, which my bros and i are doing now.
    I love this game because it introduces kids to all types of music from multiple generations. My little brothers (who are 15 years younger than i am) are finally exploring the classics! I’ve been telling them to branch out for years because there is so much out there, but it took a video game to convince them to explore!
    Sometimes, buying an instrument isn’t enough. You have to let the music inspire them first. That’s why i love this game.
    And plus i totally think that jamming out with the fam is always a great way to spend the day! :)

    Danielle on
  • I guess you could say I’m from the video game generation as well but I spent my childhood days outside playing, rollerblading and climbing trees. Maybe it’s because my parents just never bought me video games or maybe it’s because I was never good at playing them. Video games have their place and this game is definitely a lot of fun, but that study seems a little ridiculous to me…if you want your child to get exercise, encourage them to get off the couch and go outside.

    As for inspiring kids to play music, which I think is very important…why not just buy them real instruments in the first place?

    taylor on

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