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Article: Happy New Year!

Baby Music

Happy New Year!

CLOSED! Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to our winner Jamie Lynn! Happy New Year! For everyone at Rockabye Baby, one of the most exciting parts about welcoming in the New Year is the brand-new roster of upcoming releases. And this year is going to be a quiet riot, if you know what we mean. Though we can't spill all the beans yet, we can give you a hint as to what to expect next. Listen to the song below. Can you guess what it is?

Listen Now!

Email your guess to and you could win an advance copy of the album.

Who do you want to get the "Rockabye" treatment this year?

Leave your request in a comment below!


Have tried to listen but i dont get any audio, and I am a big fan and want to try to win



Tim L. Walker

actually now that I think about it more, I’d really love to see some James Taylor… that reminds me of driving in my Grandma’s car when we were kids coming home from school. <3


I’d love to see New Found Glory or Maroon 5 or something super fun like LMFAO


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