How Music Saved My Life and a Gift Giveaway!

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I have to admit I had some tough years when I was a child. I actually didn't grow up with the best father figure-as I actually didn't grow up with a father at all. What I did grow up with was music, which was always there for me. During harsh times, I turned to music and books, specifically power metal and fantasy novels. You see, power metal and fantasy novels go hand in hand. The subject matter of power metal and fantasy novels often is based in folklore and mythology. When things went bad, as they often did during my early teenage years, I would retreat to my room, push my bed up to the door, and listen to my album collection. In the beginning, my collection included Kiss, Motley Crue, Black Sabbath, and the soundtrack to Flash Gordon by Queen.


Over time, my collection grew to include the true pioneers of the power metal genre: Iron Maiden and Dio. The lyrics were familiar to me. The songs reminded me of ballads from a time long ago when bards sang of heroes and conquest, supernatural battles and, of course, everyone's favorite creatures-dragons. It allowed me-if only for a brief moment in time-to be the master of my own fantastical world where I was the hero. No one could hurt me in my realm. It gave me hope for my own future. Music will always be there to take me back to the realm where anything can happen. And now that I am a father I wish to take my daughter, Little D, with me on these journeys: whether it is driving her in the car listening to HammerFall or Wintersun; or reading the Icelandic Sagas and Norse myths to her. She is my inspiration and together we will conquer new worlds through the power of metal and books. We might even write a rock opera with Norse themes set in Hollywood. Why not? With an ally in power metal, anything is possible to achieve or overcome. I am living proof.

CLOSED: Congrats to our winner: MJ

Music matters. Is there someone in your life who you think could use some sweet lullabies? For today's giveaway, we want to give a Rockabye Baby CD as a gift on your behalf.

Who do you think should get a Rockabye Baby CD as a gift and why?

Tell us in the comments below by 8 pm PT tonight and 3 of you will be randomly selected to have your person of choice receive a Rockabye Baby Lullaby Renditions CD gift on us!

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