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Article: How to Say Thanks: Fun DIY Card

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How to Say Thanks: Fun DIY Card

Greetings, Rockabye Baby Friends! I'm excited to join the lullaby crew here at Rockabye Baby to bring you amusing stories and activities from the babyverse. Just call me "First-Time Mommy," as I will be taking you on my own journey as a mommy-in-training. I'm due mid-May and am fresh from attending back-to-back baby showers. In short, I received a ton of presents and have a lot of thank you cards to send out. (So you're sitting there, thinking, "Yeah, been there.")

Rather than purchase TY cards, I always like to go with the DIY, crafty or clever route, to match the thoughtfulness of the present. So with camera in hand - a great colorful way to document all the goods versus a boring written list - I shot each gift I received, labeling each pic with the person who gave it.

Above you'll find a handmade blanket from my neighbor, Margie, along with a beautiful card and the animals she used to decorate the gift box, posed with one of the stuffed animals, aka "Sammy the Sheep," I received from a family member. (Can you believe I only received two total from my showers?) I printed the photo and, ta-da, instant TY card!

And how could I forget the awesome Rockabye Baby! onesie  and Lullaby Renditions of the Smiths record and CD  I received from the RB crew. (I just printed your TY card picture with "Ducky D," guys, so expect it in the mail soon!) Hope you enjoy my TY card tip. You can send the pics digitally as well! And the more flexible the stuffed creature is, the more creative you can get with action shots. Do you have a creative DIY TY card idea you can share? Feel free to post your ideas or links to your photos below. Thanks! T., First-Time Mommy

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You are so good at writing. Little D has 2 very talented parents.


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