Hug-a-Bear Day Challenge!

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November is shaping up to be quite the eventful month. There was Election Day, Thanksgiving is just weeks away and this Friday we'll be announcing our next vinyl release! If those events aren't enough, all of us at Rockabye Baby HQ were thrilled to find out that today is Hug-a-Bear Day! To celebrate, we challenge you and everyone in your family to do the following: Hug as many (non-threatening) bears as you can today. Your kids will love this. Here are some suggestions on how to tally the most bears hugged:
  • Give everyone you love a bear hug today! (We'll count those.)
  • Grab any stuffed bears in your home and hug them.
  • Go to other people's homes and hug their stuffed bears.
  • Make your way to a local toy store and hug their bears.
  • Draw bears on paper and hug them. (Be careful not to rip them!)
  • Pick up any Rockabye Baby releases in your home and hug them - they've got bears on them!
  • Even better, buy some new Rockabye Baby releases and hug them!
. . Make your way down the list and then come back here and tell us:

How many bears did you hug today?

Post all your bear-hugging adventures and hug fests below and, who knows, you just may receive a Rockabye Baby CD of your choice that will seriously make you want to hug us.

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  • In our room alone, we have 2 stuffed bears and 3 RB CDs, so once my baby gets up, I’m putting her on today’s Hug a Bear mission!

    I’m thinking we have some bear books in the house, too. :) So fun to count and, of course, hug.

    Mama T on
  • My little girl’s favorite stuffed animal is her bear! I told her it was “Hug A Bear Day” and she’s been squeezing for about 10 minutes now!

    Krista on
  • Hahaha. Never heard of it before, but I think I’m going to start living my life like every day is hug a bear day. Bears are for sure one of my favorites. And I can’t believe you left hugging those little plastic honey container bears off your list!

    Happy Hug-a-Bear day, one and all!

    JanePalermo on

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