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Article: It's My Birthday, I Can Cry If I Want To

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It's My Birthday, I Can Cry If I Want To

There's nothing more upsetting to a young child (or this bratty adult) than to be born on or around the biggest holiday of the year: Christmas. Need I list the reasons why? 1. People forget your birthday. 2. You get one present versus two. 3. Barely anyone is around to celebrate it with you. 4. Those who are in town are often too pooped from holiday festivities. 5. When you tell people when your birthday is, they feel just as bad for you. I should mention here that my parents were so kind to give birth to not just one Capricorn, but two others: my older sister, on Jan. 3, and younger sister, Dec. 22. (My mom is a Capricorn, too!) Today is my birthday-I was actually born 10 minutes after Christmas-and this time around, I'm not bitter about it. Maybe I'm too old to care anymore. Maybe I've finally grown up. (It took decades!) Maybe I've learned not to obsess about the gift of life on one particular day, but every day. Maybe I should thank the best gift I received for this lesson: my Gemini dragon baby. But, guess what, Little D? If you ever forget your mama's birthday, guess who's gonna forget yours? Just kidding. To all you holiday babies, we haven't forgotten about you:


Every day is a day to celebrate life. And what's a celebration without music?

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