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Hey, Beatles fans. Are you celebrating George Harrison today like I am?

He was born 70 years ago today.  

I'm a pretty big Beatles fan and definitely a huge George Harrison fan. I suppose I've always been an admirer of the "dark horse" types, but what really drew me to George (after I stopped hoping he'd become my brother when I was 4) was his fascination with the culture of India and how it influenced the music he created. Can you imagine "Tomorrow Never Knows" or "Within You, Without You" without the sitar? To commemorate the birthday of my favorite Beatle, here's a roundup of five Fab Four tunes written by my George. You are missed!

"I Need You"



"While My Guitar Gently Weeps"

"Here Comes the Sun"

And for an extra special treat, we're offering a free download of "Here Comes the Sun," from our Lullaby Renditions of The Beatles .

Who's your favorite Beatle and why?

Fun Fact: Harrison was actually born 10 minutes to midnight on February, 24 but until learning otherwise later in his life, had always celebrated his birthday on February 25.

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