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Article: Lullaby Renditions of The White Stripes Giveaway

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Lullaby Renditions of The White Stripes Giveaway

CLOSED! Congrats to our winners: Bobbie G., Michelle B., Sarah B., Christi A., and Sara B!  Do you love The White Stripes? Yeah, us, too. That's why we're fishing to hook you up with your own copy of our upcoming release Lullaby Renditions of The White Stripes.

In a comment below, tell us your favorite White Stripes song and why. You'll be automatically entered to win an advance copy of the album! Easy Peasy. Five winners will be selected. **Get a bonus entry if you share a favorite memory involving The White Stripes. Mostly because we love to hear them!


“Ball and a Biscuit”. It was always one of their top songs; but after seeing them play it live, it definitely became my favorite. :)


Definitely Seven Nation Army. Just because it’s the best and it’s the first song i hear from the whites stripes.


Hotel Yorba because when my brother was home on leave we used to sing it together all the time and we’re from Michigan so it holds a special place in our hearts.

Bobbie Ghanoush

“Fell In Love With A Girl” because it reminds me of my senior year of high school . . . my favorite year!!!

Kelly D.

Wichita, because of the good bass line!

JoAnna B

“fell in love with a girl”- its the epitomy of a back to basics classic rock n roll song – 4 chords, lots of distortion, straight to the point. 1.55 minutes of pure rock! And the video had lego in it, who doesnt love lego?!


“Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground.” It always puts me in the mood for fall here in Michigan!

Nicole V.

“Seven Nation Army” because I love the video!

MacKenzie H.

“seven nation Army” i just love that song has a rockin tune and my daughter loves dancing to it everytime. it brings back such good memories of hanging out with all my friends back in the day just having a good time with not a care in the world. Great song, great band

sarah bailey

My Doorbell


“Conquest” because my kids used to request it and sing and dance around to it. So cute! That CD is pretty scratched so we haven’t done that in a while but, it will always be one of my favorite music memories :)

Michelle B.

Seven Nation Army rocks! Fell In Love with a Girl is a strong second best.

Shane Perry

Icky Thump.

Just pop it in the player (cd or record) and crank it up. It’s also a great song to have on my iPod when I’m out walking.

Tina S.

Hit enter too quickly – conquest is another fave because that is the name of my home town!!


So Hard to pick just one! Icky Thump, We’re Gonna Be Friends, The hardest button to button, blue orchid…..Jack White is amazing! Love his other bands too!


My favorite song is “Truth Doesn’t Make a Noise” – to me, it sums up the best the White Stripes offer aesthetically, both musically and lyrically.

Favorite memory is when I first saw them perform on the 2002 MTV Movie Awards. I loved the irony of Jack Black introducing them. I was 11, impressionable, and they quickly became my favorite band and have been since. (Close second would be I saw them play in New Orleans with Whirlwind Heat the next summer!)


The Denial Twist….cool music video


In the cold cold night!
I used to listen to this song when I would take the bus back from my friend’s house at night… and it was cold too!

Andreane Proulx

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