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Article: New Links on the Block


New Links on the Block

play-doh-playdoh-fragrance-perfume-203x300 For when you want to change up your scent, Play-Doh cologne (right)... and other bizarro baby products. Economist Bryan Caplan explains why kids can be cheaper than you think. Paste shows us how a "10-Year-Old Sings Adele Crazy Well." And if 10 doesn't seem that impressive, here's a 4-year-old conducting an orchestra. Are baby clothes designed just a bit too girly? Alexandra Lange weighs in. Do two daughters make the happiest family? At Jezebel, Sarah Tuttle-Springer describes how she came to terms with circumcising her son.

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New Links on the Block

Pregnancy manual What to Expect When You're Expecting (above) is being adapted into a film by the director of Nanny McPhee and Waking Ned Devine. If you've somehow missed this widely replayed vi...

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New Arrivals

Rockabye Baby! The Flaming Lips Sneak Peek: Lullaby Rendition of Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Pt. 1

Due Date: April 26th Description: Is your little one up all night, while your eyelids weigh a ton? Well the race to cure baby's bawling has been won.  These lullaby renditions of The Flaming Li...

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