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For all the good dads (and good dad fans) out there, The Good Men Project has branched out to its own online magazine WebMD offers 19 healthy snacks for kids and The Detroit Free Press profiles three cookbooks for kids with food allergies. Even if you're a parent, you might appreciate some of these tips from Jezebel: The Art of Dealing With Other People's Kids. The New York Times tackles what to do when your children's art starts to take over the house. (The photo above is from the accompanying slideshow.) In the latest installment of "Kids' Music That Doesn't Suck," the GeekDad blog at Wired features The Baby Grands out of Jacksonville. Psychology Today presents The Parents' Guide to Self-Disclosure with Kids. Ranging in age from 5 to 16, these children are amazing: 10 Great Philanthropists Who Are Kids

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